Dinner – Nando’s chicken

A quick dinner at Nando’s! Jac ordered the BBQ chicken thigh pieces with a small garden salad. The salad, as always, came with two dressings – the traditional balsamic vinaigrette and the creamy trio of roasted bell peppers. Jac used the vinaigrette.

4-thigh piece pack with garden salad

I decided to try the new “Portugese paella”. You get grilled chicken breast pieces (I chose mild peri peri basting), diced tomatoes, capsicum and onion over spicy rice, served in a bowl.

Portugese paella

The chicken was good as Nando’s chicken usually is. The rice had a good spicy bite to it. As a paella, it was a little dry. It was ok, but nothing I’d rush back for.

Portugese paella close-up

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