Penne pasta with garlic prawns and snow peas

I loved this meal! As the penne pasta cooked, we stir-fried prawns and snow peas with garlic and onions (mostly garlic!) in the wok in a little light extra virgin olive oil.

Jac served me a big bowl full of penne, prawns and snow peas. I cracked fresh black pepper on top. The garlic smelled fantastic and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

Penne pasta with garlic prawns and snow peas

The cats got a little treat too. Jac took the tails off a few prawns, squeezed out the prawn meat and gave it to the cats in little dishes. (Don’t worry – no oil, onion or garlic for the cats!) They were so excited! They loved having prawns for dinner!

Prawns close-up

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