Sunday breakfast – ham steak and egg

This is Pixel. She wants a bite of ham steak.

Pixel's face says it all

On a weekend a few weeks ago, Jac fried ham steaks for both of us. She fried me one egg, sunny side up (I asked for one egg instead of my usual two). She poached herself a couple of eggs, and with a packet of instant hollandaise sauce and a sprinkling of fresh parsley, made herself eggs benedict. We had toast and tomatoes too. I made us a cup of tea each to wash it down.

The breakfast table

Pixel tends to sit at the breakfast table with us, while Billy Lee is quite happy watching from a distance.

Billy Lee watches from a distance

I had kaya on my toast. Yum!

Kaya on toast

This was my breakfast: ham steak, fried egg and a fancy-cut tomato.

Ham steak, fried egg and tomatoes

Pixel seemed quite interested in the appliance catalogue Jac was reading.

Pixel reads a catalogue

See? Fascinating!

Pixel reads a catalogue

Just because I think it’s a beautiful sight, here’s another view of my breakfast plate. :)

Ham steak, fried egg and tomato

New TFP site update
**The work continues on the new TFP site. There’s just not enough time left in the day on weeknights after work and dinner. It’s slow progress, but I will get there!**

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