Poffertjes (dutch mini pancakes) test run

I’m still working through the posts from December! Better late than never, right? :D

Some of you may remember that my sister Juji gave me a Dutch mini pancake maker for Christmas in 2008. Somehow (and I feel kind of bad about this) I didn’t get to use it until almost a year later! Well, preparing to sell the house mid-year and then moving house didn’t help – we packed it away quite early in the process along with most of my baking stuff.

Anyway, my parents would be away for Christmas 2009 and we “kids” planned to get together for Christmas brunch on the public holiday Monday the 28th December. Juji and I thought it would be fun to make mini pancakes (called “poffertjes” in Dutch) for Christmas brunch. Juji and her boyfriend Jay came over to our house for a test run before Christmas.

Royal dutch mini pancake maker

We planned to make the pancake batter from scratch using the recipe in the booklet that came with the mini pancake maker but got lazy (I am much too lazy to muck around with live yeast and it was such a stinking hot afternoon we really wanted to minimise the prep/cooking time as much as possible) so we used a box of poffertjes mix instead. This is the real stuff from the Netherlands – the instructions on the box are all in Dutch! Luckily, there’s also a recipe in the poffertjes maker booklet for using the boxed mini pancake mix. It was so easy making up the batter from the boxed mix.

Box of poffertjes mix

You pour a little batter into each of the mini pancake molds and watch for them to come away from the side a little as they start to turn golden brown underneath. They also bubble up a little just like regular pancakes and pikelets do. I love that smell of batter cooking.

Cooking the poffertjes

It’s easy and fun flipping the little pancakes over, as the non-stick surface of the mini pancake maker works very well. It just needs a little spray of oil every few batches or so.

Poffertjes looking golden brown

What makes these mini pancakes extra yummy is that they are a little soft and puffy in the middle. I was also pleased to discover they aren’t too sweet either – boxed pancake mixes can often be overly sweet, which is silly when you think about it, as you’d want to eat the pancakes with sweet accompaniments like syrup, jam or ice cream.

They're slightly puffy!

I don’t know how these compared to real poffertjes made by Dutch people who’d actually know what they’re meant to be like, but they were delicious. We ate lots and lots of these little pancakes for afternoon tea, some with maple syrup, some with butter, some with strawberry jam, some with kaya (or a combination of those!). It was quite hard to stop eating them! One box/one recipe makes around 150 mini pancakes! Juji and Jay took some home and I had some for dessert after dinner that evening, and then more for breakfast the next day. And the next day. I wasn’t worried I’d be sick of them by the time we had out Christmas brunch because I love pancakes and don’t think I eat them often enough. :D

One box of mix makes 150 poffertjes!

The test run was a success! I felt very confident to cook these for Christmas brunch. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, really.

Where to buy poffertjes mix in Perth
The Dutch Shop, Shop 5, 121 James Street, Guildford.
If you buy poffertjes mix from The Dutch Shop, they’ll give you a printed copy of the poffertjes recipe in English.
If anyone knows of any other stockists around Perth, please let me know!

Where to buy a Dutch mini pancake / poffertjes maker in Perth
Juji got my mini pancake maker from Myer.
I’m sure I’ve seen them in other electrical stores, but Myer’s definitely the place I’ve seen it in stock fairly regularly.

Where to get a poffertjes recipe in English
Just search for poffertjes recipe in Google!
If you’re in Perth and buy poffertjes mix from The Dutch Shop, they’ll give you a printed copy of the poffertjes recipe in English.

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