Saturday night barbecue dinner

Happy new year, everyone! (I know it’s not quite 2010 for all of you yet though!)

A few weeks ago, Jac fired up the barbecue and cooked chicken sausages, onions and potatoes on it.

Sausages, onions and potatoes on the barbecue

She sliced and parboiled the potatoes before putting them on the barbie.

Potatoes on the barbecue

We both love barbecued onions, and Jac cooked up plenty.

Barbecued onions

The cats watched as Jac cooked.

The cats watched as Jac cooked the barbecue

This is Billy Lee’s “I’m hot and can’t be bothered” pose.

Billy Lee - I'm hot and can't be bothered

Pixel’s fur was dirty – she’d been playing in the garden all afternoon.

Pixel - dirty fur as usual

As Jac cooked the barbie, I made us each a mini salad, with cos lettuce, yellow capcisum, red grape tomatoes, green beans and seedless green grapes.

Mini salad

Dinner was delicious! Chicken sausages, potatoes, onions and salad.

My plate

Barbecued onions

Sausages and potato

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