Christmas 2009 – breakfast with my family

Continuing with my belated Christmas 2009 posts! :D

Sunday night, 27 December 2009
The night before Christmas breakfast with my family, Jac and I got things ready and cleaned and tidied the house. We put our new Santa Claus mat in the hallway and Billy Lee immediately sat on it. Believe it or not, this is her happy face. Heheheh.

Billy Lee likes the Santa welcome mat

We still haven’t found a dining set we like, so when we’re entertaining guests over a meal at our house, we use one or both of our trestle tables. For Christmas breakfast, we put the two tables together and threw a party tablecloth over them. Pixel sat at the table watching my every move and meowed at me as if to say, “So, when do we eat?”

Pixel at the table

Monday 28 December
The next morning, Juji and Jay came over early to help out. We made cups of tea and then got to work. Juji had glazed a leg of ham, which she put in the oven and kept basting.

Basting the ham

I got to work getting the poffertjes (dutch mini pancakes) batter ready while Juji made the waffle batter (see recent post Poffertjes (dutch mini pancakes) test run).

Mixing poffertjes batter

Jac suggested we set up a cooking station out on the patio so we could keep some of the cooking heat out of the kitchen. We laid newspaper down to catch the batter drips. Juji made the waffles and I made the poffertjes.

Cooking station out on the patio

Billy Lee watched as we cooked, of course.

Billy Lee watches as we cook

We used one box of poffertjes mix and the basic waffle recipe from the booklet that came with the waffle maker.

Poffertjes and waffles

These were the waffles made with the last of the batter.

The last waffles

Here’s the ham, moments before my brother sliced it. It looked just perfect – I couldn’t wait to have some.

Christmas ham

The ham looked and smelled delicious. The sound of the knife slicing through the ham made me want some all the more. Even if I wasn’t taking photographs of the ham being sliced, I’d have stood right there, next to the ham carver and next to that wonderful ham.

Slicing up the ham

I’d thought the ham looked good in the oven, all shiny and glistening, but it looked even more mouth-watering all sliced up.

Sliced Christmas ham

My brother-in-law M fried the bacon in our electric fry pan out at the cooking station.


I left Juji to finish cooking the last batch of poffertjes and started cooking the scrambled eggs. I don’t think these were my best scrambled eggs – I may have overcooked them a little in the midst of juggling my kitchen/hosting duties.

Scrambled eggs

Juji and Jay brought in the mini pancakes and waffles.

Poffertjes - Dutch mini pancakes


There was smoked salmon (Jac sliced up lemon wedges for the salmon too).

Smoked salmon

My sister-in-law Ange brought over a dish of her special baked stuffing, the vegetable dish in an otherwise high-protein, high-carb breakfast! Actually, we were supposed to have mushrooms and tomatoes too, but we all forgot about them! Mark and Ange had brought them along ready to cook but with everything going on forgot to take them out of the esky, and the rest of us completely forgot about them too! But it didn’t really matter, as there was PLENTY of food – we didn’t miss tomatoes or mushrooms at all!

Ange's special baked stuffing

The feast was laid out on the kitchen counter so everyone could help themselves buffet-style. Oh yes – and I haven’t mentioned yet, there were three kinds of sausages too.

The Christmas breakfast feast

This was my plate, round one.

My Christmas breakfast plate

Let me tell you, durian jam goes very well with dutch mini pancakes!

Durian jam, eaten with Dutch mini pancakes!

When everyone had eaten their fill, we started tidying up. Takeaway containers for whoever wanted them! I labeled the boxes so there’d be no confusion later. My brother selected items for his daughters – sausages for Ruby (they were her favourite item of the breakfast), waffle and poffertjes for Zoe, and ham and plate scraps for Honey the dog.

Leftovers takeaway - Scraps for Honey the dog, batter galore for Zoe, all sausages for Ruby

It turned into quite an assembly line! Luckily, I’m just like my mum and hoard plastic takeaway containers. :-P

Takeaway leftovers

All full from breakfast, we sat in the living room and exchanged gifts and talked and just relaxed a while. Then Mark sliced up the fruit and assembled this lovely fruit platter.

Fruit platter

The cats had quietly disappeared as soon as everyone began to arrive. They don’t mind hanging around when we’ve got only one or two guests, but if it’s a group, they tend to hide. I found Billy Lee under Jac’s desk in our bedroom. She seemed happy enough.

Billy Lee under the desk

Pixel was asleep, all curled up on our bed. She did peer at me briefly through sleepy eyes, but didn’t move at all.

Pixel on the bed

It was time for coffee and tea and some homebaked treats. My eldest sister CW had made shortbread and gingerbread, and Ange and Ruby had made gingerbread too.

Gingerbread, shortbread, coffee and tea

The shortbread was melt-in-the-mouth, lovely and buttery.


CW’s had made gingerbread bears, decorated by her hubby M.

Gingerbread bears

Ange and Ruby made gingerbread men (or should I say people).

Gingerbread men

I love gingerbread and I didn’t hesitate to have one of each. I like to decapitate my gingerbread and munch on the heads first. First, a gingerbread bear head…

I like eating their heads

…then, a gingerbread man head. Gingerbread goes so wonderfully well with a cup of tea. I wish I had some right now!

I like eating their heads

After all the eating, we (the adults) played Wii Sports Resort for a while. The guys perfected their archery technique. Juji and Ange put on their best fighting faces in a bicycle race. Everyone’s Wii concentration faces were priceless. Ruby and Zoe had a nap, then got right back into eating as soon as they woke up. It was a fun day! I took lots of photos and video on the day, especially for my Mum and Dad since they were overseas for Christmas and weren’t at this breakfast with us.

Where to buy poffertjes mix in Perth
The Dutch Shop, Shop 5, 121 James Street, Guildford.
If you buy poffertjes mix from The Dutch Shop, they’ll give you a printed copy of the poffertjes recipe in English.
If anyone knows of any other stockists around Perth, please let me know!

Where to buy a Dutch mini pancake / poffertjes maker in Perth
Juji got my mini pancake maker from Myer.
I’m sure I’ve seen them in other electrical stores, but Myer’s definitely the place I’ve seen it in stock fairly regularly.

Where to get a poffertjes recipe in English
Just search for poffertjes recipe in Google!
If you’re in Perth and buy poffertjes mix from The Dutch Shop, they’ll give you a printed copy of the poffertjes recipe in English.

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