Christmas 2009 – lunch with Jac’s family

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! We had a lovely family reunion dinner at my parents’ home tonight. Those photos will be posted soon. In the meantime, I’m still catching up on a backlog of posts I didn’t publish due to the redesign of the site. I know it’s terribly late but I hope you’ll still enjoy the Christmas posts – here’s the first! :D

On Christmas day, Jac and I had lunch with her family.

Jac’s brother Brad cooked two roasts in the barbecue – roast pork and roast lamb. Here they are just before he lifted the lid and placed them on the barbecue.

Pork and lamb roasts ready for the barbie

We had prawn cocktails for starters, made by Jac’s mum Pattycakes, with Auntie Lorna’s special dark and spicy prawn cocktail sauce. The juicy cold prawns were delicious with the sauce, which had a surprising kick to it. As we enjoyed our prawn cocktails, forks clinking on the glass dishes, sucking the meat out of the prawn tails, the lamb and pork cooked in the barbecue outside while other delicious aromas emanated from the kitchen.

Prawn cocktail

We took a break from eating to relax and open Christmas presents – and then it was onto the main course!

There was a platter of steamed vegetables – squash, zucchini (courgette), cauliflower and broccoli.

Steamed vegetables

We also had a platter of roasted vegetables cooked by Jac’s mum – onions, carrots, sweet potato, potato and pumpkin.

Roasted vegetables

We had two turkey roasts, contributed by Jac and me – a turkey thigh toast (not pictured) and a turkey breast roast.

Carving the turkey breast roast

In addition to the lamb, pork and turkey roasts, there was roast chicken and roast chicken stuffing, all on a giant platter of meat.

Platter of meat

Of course, where there’s roast pork there HAS to be pork crackling. I LOVE pork crackling.

Pork crackling

And of course, there was cranberry sauce to go with the turkey…

Cranberry sauce

…and apple sauce to go with the roast pork. There was an enormous jug of gravy too (not pictured).

Apple sauce

Here’s my plate.

Christmas lunch - my plate

We let our big lunch settle for a while before having dessert, which was a rich Christmas chocolate cake from Michel’s Patisserie. “I bags the snowman!” Savannah quickly said. “Awwwww!” said Max, and then…

Christmas chocolate cake

…”I bags the tree!”

Christmas chocolate cake

The kids are real chocoholics and absolutely loved the rich muddy cake. It was the best kind of moist chocolate cake that sticks to the back of your teeth as you eat it. Here’s Savannah’s big slab of chocolate cake with a dollop of brandy cream and the snowman from the top of the cake. Max did get the tree with his piece of cake. :)

Christmas chocolate cake with brandy cream and the snowman from the top of the cake

I only had half a piece of cake with a big blob of brandy cream. That was more than enough!

Christmas chocolate cake with brandy cream - I only had half a piece

Kelsie and the kids had also made the mini Christmas puddings like they did last year. We got some to take home, along with a selection of Kelsie’s homemade rum balls. :D

Mini Christmas puddings

As we dug our spoons into the chocolate cake and munched on mini puddings, Kelsie showed us Max’s recent prize – he’d correctly guessed how many jelly beans were in the bucket and won the bucket of jelly beans!

Bucket of jelly beans

If I had a bucket of jelly beans, I reckon it would last me a year or even longer. But that’s because I don’t really eat that many lollies. I like them, but eat them very slowly (of course, if it was a bucket of fried chicken, that would be an entirely different story!). I have a bag of gummy Coke bottles sitting in the pantry right now that I reckon will last me ages, and I’m still slowly munching my way through a box of Junior Mints. :D Anyway, by this time, I was nursing a serious chocolate headache while Max, his face streaked chocolate brown and his tongue green from the Christmas tree, was trying to convince his mum he really needed another piece of cake. Heheheh. Gotta love Christmas.

Bucket of jelly beans

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