Crispy turkey schnitzels with salad

This was a quick and easy dinner to prepare – panfried turkey breast schnitzels, bought from Woolworths, with salad and aioli. Jac panfried the turkey schnitzels, I helped assemble the salad and dollop aioli into sauce dishes. I cracked a little black pepper on the tomatoes.

Crispy turkey schnitzels, salad and aioli

I’m sure you can imagine how crispy the schnitzels were from the photos. When I look at these pictures now, I can hear the “crunch crunch” in my head.

Crispy turkey schnitzels - so very crispy

They were really REALLY crispy and a joy to eat. But the beautiful part was that the meat inside was still very moist and tender. So, crunch, chew, mmmm, more!

Crispy turkey schnitzel close-up

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