Tomato and pasta bake

Take some cooked penne pasta, fresh grape tomatoes, grated cheese and a tin of condensed tomato soup. Finely chop some white onion. Put the pasta, tomatoes, onion and soup into a casserole dish, top with cheese (as much or as little as you like) and bake in the oven until the dish is heated through, the cheese is melted and it’s all bubbling. Voila! An easy, very tasty cheesy tomato and pasta bake.

The cheesy end of the pasta bake

I asked Jac to make one end of the pasta bake a little less cheesy, for me.

The less cheesy end of the pasta bake

We ate the pasta bake with salad. It was such a simple dish, but so tasty! I especially loved the crunch of the chopped onion. Jac used white onions, so the flavour was there but not too strong. Mmmm, it was good. If only we had some leftover chicken or ham or bacon to throw in, mmmmmmmmm…

My bowl of pasta bake

A question for you – tinned soup ideas
Do you have any interesting or favourite ways to use tinned tomato soup (or any other soup)? Other than simply as soup? :D

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