TFP is now on AudioBoo

In case you may be interested, just letting you know I’ve set up an AudioBoo account where I’ll be publishing short audio recordings, called “boos” from time to time. Not surprisingly, the boos I’ve published already are mostly food-related! These short audio messages won’t replace the blog posts – they’ll allow me to capture and share the little moments that would otherwise probably never make it to a blog post. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them!

Listen to the latest boo below – “Friday night dinner indecisiveness”


How to listen to TFP’s boos

  • Listen to the boos when I post them here at the blog
  • Visit my boos page at AudioBoo – if you haven’t already listened to them, there are two other boos currently at the page you might like to check out :D
  • Subscribe to my boos via my iTunes feed so you can download them straight to your iPhone/iPod
  • Whenever I record a boo, I also post the direct link to that boo at Twitter
  • You can even listen to boos directly at my Facebook page – I know some of you guys have enjoyed listening to them at Facebook already!

Heheheh I did say “boo” a lot, didn’t I? :D

Hang on – what’s AudioBoo?

AudioBoo is a free application for iPhone/iPod Touch that allows you to easily record and publish short audio messages. They’re kind of like audio tweets, I suppose. Just as Twitter has a character limit, boos can only be up to 5 minutes maximum. And like Twitter you can follow other people or they can choose to follow you.

Damn it, I want an iPhone!

I’ve been recording and posting my boos using my iPod Touch, but I wish I had an iPhone – I can only publish boos from the iPod Touch when I’m connected to WiFi – so if I’m away from home e.g. in transit or at work, I can’t actually post boos as I have no way of accessing the Internet from the iPod Touch. I know I could record them and save them for publishing later when I get home, but the whole point of status updates and social media is “what’s happening now”! My Nokia e71 is still under contract, so I can’t really justify buying an iPhone – although Jac has said repeatedly she’d love to upgrade her phone to my e71 when I get a new one. She always gets my hand-me-downs, but this time she’s especially keen to “upgrade” because she rather likes the look of the e71’s qwerty keyboard. I am very tempted, but will wait at least until the next iPhone update/upgrade (the 4GS or whatever they call it).

EDIT: You can record boos on your computer or another device and then upload them to AudioBoo via their website, but let’s face it, the less stuffing around the better – which is why an iPhone would be the easiest option.

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