More French toast (and funny cooking quirks)

While Jac was away in January, I made French toast for my breakfast but cooked a little extra so I’d have some to snack on whenever. I used four slices of bread, each cut into half. I dipped each piece of bread into a mixture of two beaten eggs, a splash of soy milk and a teaspoon or two of maple syrup. I fried the egg-dipped bread in a little butter until golden-brown.

French toast - 4 slices for breakfast

I love French toast. I don’t always need to eat it with ham or bacon. I ate two slices of the buttery eggy bread (four rectangular pieces) for my breakfast, fresh and hot out of the pan, washed down with a cup of hot tea. I snacked on rest of the French toast later throughout the day, cold straight out of the fridge. I sucked on my buttery fingers, enjoying every moment.

French toast - 4 slices for snacking on later

My funny little French toast quirk

When I make French toast I MUST cut the slices of bread in half, into rectangles – because this was how my mum used to make French toast. It just feels wrong, otherwise. You may have noticed that the French toast in the Fried Christmas ham with french toast and maple syrup post hadn’t been cut in half/rectangles. That’s because Jac made that French toast, and I didn’t want to impose my silly quirk on her.

Do you have any funny little cooking quirks?


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