Dinner – panfried chicken with pasta salad and fried bread

A tasty dinner Jac cooked – panfried chicken thigh fillet pieces, seasoned with Alseason, served with pasta salad (penne, green beans, corn, semi-dried tomatoes, spring onion tossed with a little light olive oil and a cracking of fresh salt and black pepper) and two pieces of bread (well, one slice of bread, crusts off, cut into two), buttered and lightly panfried. Also on the plate, a layer of green salad leaves that went very well with the chicken.

Panfried chicken with pasta salad

The chicken was succulent and delicious, with a salty golden-brown crust on the outside.

Panfried chicken close-up

The pasta salad was simple but featured different flavours and interesting textures that made it a pleasure to eat – the beans were fresh and crunchy, the corn kernels popped under my teeth and the tomatoes were sliced into chewy juicy strips.

Pasta salad close-up

The fried buttered bread was a surprise! When I asked Jac why she included fried bread (not that I had a problem with that!) she shrugged and said, “It’s old bread that I wanted to use up.” Of course, she knows 1) I’m all for using up “old” food so it’s not wasted, and 2) I love anything fried, especially if there’s butter involved – for me, butter is like oyster sauce, a magical ingredient that makes the food it touches taste even better! We agreed, however, that fried buttered bread must not become a standard dinner item. :D

Fried bread

About Alseason

We buy Alseason from the supermarket. It comes in a jar and tastes delicious on all kinds of meats and fish. See Dinner – best pork steaks ever for more info and a photograph of Alseason.

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