BBQ Chicken with potato and pea salad

Jac picked up a BBQ chicken from the supermarket and served it up with salad for dinner. Here’s my plate, with a chicken thigh and drumstick, skin on (of course!). Jac chopped up some iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato. I cracked black pepper onto my tomato. :D She also made a quick potato and pea salad.

BBQ Chicken with salad

The potato and pea salad was very simple. Jac used half a dozen little potatoes (the ones sold as “gourmet potatoes”). She cut the potatoes in half, leaving their skins on and cooked them in the microwave, leaving them firm but no longer hard/raw. She also cooked up some frozen peas. She allowed the potatoes and peas to cool before seasoning with salt and pepper to taste and tossing them in garlic mayonnaise (we buy Neil Perry aioli from the supermarket). It was a very quick and easy salad to make – and tasty to eat.

Potato salad close-up

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