Boo from Sydney

I’m in Sydney right now! Content includes: a very cool reason for being in Sydney, making plans around eating, feeling tired from flying and thank goodness for short legs. :D


Transcript of Boo from Sydney
Hey guys! I’m talking to you now from a hotel in Sydney, where I’m gonna be for the next three nights. I’m here for something very cool that’s related to the blog. I don’t really wanna say too much right now, but what I will tell you is it involves a famous Japanese chef I’m sure some of you will have heard of – his name’s Tetsuya [laughs]… Anyway, all will be revealed soon at the blog, so stay tuned.

It’s gonna be really good and I’ m really looking forward to it.

Over the next couple of days while I’m here I’m planing to catch up with my second sister who lives here in Sydney, and yes, we’re catching up over food, [laughs] in fact, I guess all the plans that I made for this trip were planned all around, you know, what I wanted to do for breakfast, lunch and dinner… and then I sort of slotted things in around that. But I guess that’s what you guys would have expected, right? [Giggles] You wouldnt expect anything less by now!

As well as eating I plan to do a bit of shopping, walking around as well, you know, to work off all the food I’m going to be stuffing my face with [laughs].

I’m actually feeling pretty tired right now, so after I publish this I’m going to have a bit of a rest.

I left Perth at 5:45 in the morning and arrived in Sydney at about 12:45 in the afternoon. All up it would’ve probably been 4 hours in the air but because there’s a three-hour time difference beween Perth and Sydney right now it kind of all adds up to feeling like a lot more travelling. And consequently, I’m feeling really exhausted besides the fact that flying’s just really draining – I’m sure you agree – and I got up this morning at about 3am to finish all my last-minute packing. All my clothes and everything were all packed fine, I just had a few last-minute electronic gadgets that I had left charginig up overnight ….so, my mobile, my iPod Touch , Nintendo DS, so I had to unplug everything and make sure I packed all the chargers and everything else so I didnt leave anything behind.

Jac very kindly drove me to the airport rather than insisting I catch a cab given that it was such a crazy ungodly hour but she didnt stick around with me while I was waiting to board. I wouldnt have let her do that anyway, ’cause that would’ve just been cruel, besides the fact that it was very early in the morning, she’s really not a morning person, so [laughs] I wouldn’t have done that to her. Anyway, she dropped me off and she went straight home and I presume she crawled back into bed.

I never manage to sleep well on a plane even though I normally take a bit of a tranquilizer to help me sleep and relax for the flight – it’s prescription stuff, all legit – I just can’t get comfortable, and I find after like, half an hour of sitting there, my bum gets really sore. That’s the worst part for me, I think, and I guess I’ve only ever flown economy class, so I presume, you know, if i was rich… rich or famous and flew first class I’d be a lot more comfortable on a flight.

But the one thing is, I guess the only time I’m actually glad I’m a pretty short person is when I fly because, you know, everybody complains there’s not enough leg room on a plane, but I must admit I’ve never had any issues with leg room, because I have very short legs [laughs]… anyway I’m gonna sign off now so I can quickly publish this and have a bit of a rest and I will talk to you guys again very soon.

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