Boo from Circular Quay

At Circular Quay, Sydney. Includes: setting the scene at Circular Quay, didgeridoo sounds in the background, breakfast in Surry Hills with a fellow food blogger, this morning’s plans, and last night I got to meet chef Tetsuya!


Transcript of Boo from Circular Quay
Hey everybody, sitting here talking to you now at Circular Quay in Sydney. [Sound of man’s voice over loudspeaker in the background, speaking indistinctly]

I’m overlooking the water where I can see ships and ferries…quite large ships… the Sydney Opera House is across the way, and to my left is the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

[Sound of beats and didgeridoo in the background, continues throughout the rest of the recording] You might be able to hear some music in the background, theres an Aboriginal musician playing music with tourists milling all around, taking photos and so on.

It’s great being here, lots of seagulls buzzing around where they can see food, not with me, of course, ’cause all I’ve got are my laptop and my various gadgets all sitting on a patch of grass.

Shortly, I’ll be heading to the Museum of Contemporary Art to check out whatever they’ve got on display. I plan to do quite a lot of walking this morning and this afternoon .

Had breakfast this morning with a fellow food blogger, Billy Law, from the blog A Table For Two, We went to Cafe Ish in Surry Hills, ordered a couple of dishes and shared them and had a really really good feed. My favourite parts from breakfast this morning were the crocodile sausage – I’ve never had crocodile sausage before – and these lovely baked beans that they make at the restaurant, cooked with pork hocks, with chunks of pork all around in the beans… just my kind of dish.

I’m quite amazed, actually, that I woke up this morning with any sort of appetite – because last night I attended a special event at Tetsuya’s with a number of other food bloggers… and there was some serious serious eating going on, multiple courses… I’ll tell you all about it soon, as soon as I can write up the post. That’s my first priority, as soon as I head back to Perth, is to write up the post. I took loads and loads of photos. It was a fantastic night.
Got to meet Tetsuya himself, which was really really good, he’s a really really nice guy, and the food he produced was amazing. Anyway, more about that soon. I’m gonna sign off now so that I can publish this and keep moving and see more of Sydney today.

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