Boo from George St, outside QVB

In this audio message: waiting to meet up with my sister and her hubby for lunch, Kinokuniya and getting sucked into bookstores, tummy is hungry and cross with me!


Transcript of Boo from George St, outside QVB,
[Sound of Spanish-style guitar being played in the background throughout the whole recording]
Hey everybody, I’m standing outside the Queen Victoria Building, or the QVB, waiting to meet up with my sister. I’ve just been walking around the shops today, just walking around and stopping at wherever took my fancy.

Spent a little bit of time – actually, quite a lot of time – in a bookstore called Kinokuniya, which is a Japanese bookstore. It’s got English books and everything in there as well, but there’s like a huge Japanese and Chinese book section. I’m illiterate as far as reading Chinese goes, so I didn’t really have a look at those books, but I love bookstores, and when I go past any bookstores, whether it’s new or secondhand or discount bookstores,
I just basically get sucked in like a vortex and don’t emerge for a while. That’s prety much what happened this morning.

I’ll be meeting up with my sister and her hubby for lunch today, we’re going to go to Mamak Malaysian and I’m really looking forward to that. Haven’t had any breakfast this morning and I really really regret walking past Krispy Kreme this morning – I thought about grabbing a doughnut to go, but thought, you know… I was being a bit greedy because I was going to have a really big lunch, but that was about an hour, hour and a half ago and tummy is berating me for being “good” ’cause you know, it’s telling me I’m on holiday and [almost laughing] I should’ve just grabbed a Krispy Kreme doughnut. That’s OK because I’ll probably pass it on the way back to the hotel so I’ll be able to make up for it.

Anyway, gonna end this message now, I probably won’t be able to send it just yet ’cause i’m not really in a position where I can set up my Internet and get this Boo off the iPod but I’ll send it as soon as I’m able to – talk to you guys soon!

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