Tea break boo

In this boo, recorded at Workshop, George St: what we ate at Mamak (fantastic!), so sad walking through Chinatown with a full tummy, Harry’s Cafe de Wheels tiger pie.

Of course, the photos and all the full write-ups are coming soon. ;)


Transcript of Tea break boo
[Cafe background noises, including people and coffee machine sounds, throughout the whole recording]
Hey everyone, I’m sitting in a cafe in the corner here with my laptop set up. I’ve just published the AudioBoo from earlier this morning from outside QVB. I’ve only just managed to sit down now and have a cup of tea, my first for the day, and quite badly needed! I’m trying not to draw attention to myself as I’m sitting in the corner here, quietly speaking into my earphones’ microphone. It’s been a good day, just been walking around.

Lunch at Mamak with my sister and brother-in-law was FANTASTIC. OH MY GOD, we ate so much. We shared a few dishes. I wanted nasi lemak, so I had that; they shared a nasi goreng between them, and we got roti canai, we also got roti telur, which is, for those who don’t know, it’s roti that’s stuffed with egg and onions, and served with a bit of curry gravy for dipping in. We also had curry kambing, which is like the lamb curry, and we also had ayam goreng, which is the fried chicken [sound of a bus pulling up outside] super, super crispy, all juicy chicken thighs served piping hot and so crispy that when you stick your fork into it, it actually crackles, and it crackles under your teeth when you bite into it. Um… [thinking out loud to self] Is that all that we had? [Laughs] That’s all I can think of. I don’t think… I’m trying to picture what we had on the table. We had to sort of pile dishes on top of one another at one stage because there just wasn’t enough room.

Yeah, and for drinks I had a really nice ais limau, which is like a lime cordial with water like in an iced drink, in a glass, very nice, very very refreshing and not overly sweet. Yeah, the place was pretty busy, we about five minutes’ wait out the front. I’m told that on the weekend if you go for dinner you usually have an average of a half hour wait to get a table, but it’s totally worth it. The Sydney bloggers that I met at the Tetsuya event on Thursday night did recommend Mamak , so I’m really glad I got to go, and I see why everyone says such great things about it – the food’s just fantastic.

Afterwards, my sister and her hubby went home, but I stayed on in Chinatown and sort of walked around a bit…and I was actually a bit sad because I was so full of lunch and I had to walk past all these glorious food stalls and food smells and restaurants, and you know, all the lovely asian cake shops and bun shops. Everything looked AWESOME but I was just too full to contemplate stopping and getting anything to snack on, and I’ve only just sat down now, it’s only just turned 4 o’clock and I’ve just sat down to have a cup of tea and just relax for a little bit before I head back towards the hotel.

I’m thinking tonight for dinner I might not have a really big one… ’cause I’ve had two big dinners in a row. I’m thinking I’ll probably go to Harry’s Cafe De Wheels and have the curry tiger pie that I’ve been craving ever since the first time I had it a couple of years ago when we were in Sydney. For those who aren’t familiar with this, Harry’s Cafe De Wheels is like a little sort of mobile stall, but they have these particular locations where you find Harry’s, there’s a few around Sydney. I wish they had them interstate, I mean, there would definitely be a place for it in Perth, I reckon, if they wanted to open one up. But anyway, this tiger pie they have, you get the pie, and they smother it on top with hot mushy peas, they make a well in the centre pf the mushy peas and then they pour gravy into that well. And it’s actually… it sounds really bizarre, but it’s really really nice and I absolutely love it. It’s quite a substantial pie to have, which is why you can have one for dinner , you know, providing you’re not STARVING, you can have one for dinner and it’s actually quite a good meal, I think. So I’m hoping to have one of those, ’cause if I do leave Sydney without having one, it will feel quite incomplete.

This is getting quite long, I’m coming up to my 5-minute limit on AudioBoo, so I’d better sign off now, and if I don’t talk to you guys later tonight, I’ll definitely talk to you again tomorrow.

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