Curry tiger pie boo

In this boo: I dig into my much anticipated Harry’s Cafe De Wheels curry tiger pie. Oh, curry tiger, I missed you so!


Transcript of Curry tiger pie boo
[background noises of the street, people, traffic etc]
I’m just sitting here at Harry’s Café De Wheels on the corner of George and Hay Street and im about to tuck into my curry tiger which I’ve been waiting to have for quite a while… since the last time we left New South Wales/Sydney I’ve been thinking about having one of these… so I’m just gonna dig into it…and um, here we go…[the crackle of paper bag as the fork sinks into the pie] mmm. Mmm, mmm mmm. Ohhh, that is so good. This is just awesome. I forgot to mention in the previous boo that um… [eating sounds,and then TFP talking with her mouth full] mushy peas and gravy, there’s actually mashed potato. They have the pie, a scoop of mashed potato, followed by a clump of mushy peas, and then in there, a pool of gravy right in the centre. And it just sounds really bizarre, I guess, if you’ve never heard of it before… but it actually tastes really REALLY good. Mmm [more eating sounds] …and I love that you can get it with a curry pie. The curry’s actually really lovely. [Talks again with mouth full] That’s twice today I’ve had curry, ’cause we had curry at Mamak today, and um yeah now I’m having a curry pie. I’m gonna spare you all the eating noises as I enjoy this but I just wanted to share this moment with you …and I’m now gonna take an innards shot of the pie. [ends]

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