Dinner – chicken, green bean and chilli stir-fry

Jac cooked this dinner recently – a stir-fry with chicken, spring onion, garlic, green beans and fresh red chilli, served on rice. The chicken thigh pieces were juicy and springy to bite, just how I love chicken to be. The beans were lovely and crisp. The chilli came from our garden, and it was hot! As I ate, my tongue burned and tingled, and my nose started to run, but it was so yummy I didn’t want to stop eating. Towards the end, I picked out the chilli and chilli seeds as I ate. Yes, I am a chilli wuss – no way could I keep up with the chilli-eating feats of my chilli-loving friend Charlene, who orders her laksa extra-extra-extra hot with extra chilli on the side, starts eating it and then looks around for more chilli. You are my chilli-eating hero, Charlene! :P

Chicken, green bean and chilli stir-fry

So, are you a chilli wuss or a chilli hero?

PS. Jac knows I am a chilli wuss but I told her to go right ahead and use as much chilli as she wanted – yes, silly me! I did eat the leftovers for breakfast the next morning too (it really was so yummy I wanted to eat more of it) – so maybe I should change my descriptor from chilli wuss to chilli masochist! :P

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