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People who’ve been reading this blog for a few years will know I’ve blogged about Toraya Sushi before (see the end of this post for a list of my favourite posts featuring Toraya Sushi).

Toraya Sushi opened when I used to work in Subiaco, before my office moved to East Perth. There are plenty of Japanese eateries in Subiaco, but Toraya quickly became my favourite Japanese lunching haunt. On our weekend in West Perth, Jac and I went to dinner at Toraya – I had never eaten dinner there, and Jac was eager to try it for herself, as she’s heard lots of good things about Toraya from me over the last couple of years.

I hadn’t eaten at Toraya for almost a year, but as soon as she saw us, the lady who always used to serve me (I think she’s the manager) recognised me immediately! She greeted me with a warm smile and said, “Long time no see!” She did this the last time when again I hadn’t been there for about a year. It was so nice to be remembered and made to feel so welcome. Jac’s comment to this was: “You must’ve really eaten here A LOT.” :P

Having eaten the complimentary canapes at the hotel just recently, I didn’t feel I needed a starter – I wanted to leave enough room to have dessert! But Jac was eager to try Toraya’s beef carpaccio (AU$13.50). In most Japanese restaurants this would probably be called “tataki” rather than carpaccio.

Beef carpaccio

The beef was tender and delicious, sliced thinly so it melted in the mouth. I couldn’t resist eating a couple of slices. The beef had been drizzled with wasabi, and eating a slice of beef and wasabi with a little of the marinated seaweed and sliced red onion made a perfect mouthful. You know, I think I’m growing more tolerant of wasabi as I get older.

Beef carpaccio

For her main course, Jac ordered the assorted sashimi (AU$24). It came with raw tuna, salmon, very thinly sliced white fish and plump pearls of fish roe, along with a steamed prawn with its tail still on, and very lightly grilled scallop and squid. To me, it didn’t seem like enough food for a main course, but Jac loves sashimi and seemed quite happy.


For my main course I ordered the grilled chicken (AU$25). I was thrilled when this dish was placed before me. On it were two chicken thighs smothered in sesame and miso sauce, a cauliflower salad, three slices of golden fried potato on which I could see sprinkles of salt and black pepper, and a bowl of steamed rice garnished with black sesame seeds (my workmates call the black sesame garnish “mouse poo!” :P) That sesame and miso sauce smelled absolutely gorgeous!

Grilled chicken thighs

The chicken thighs were enormous! They were juicy and succulent and just wonderful to eat. Regular readers will know I love lotus root, and I was thrilled to see two fried lotus root chips as garnish on top of the chicken.

Grilled chicken thighs with sesame and miso sauce topped with fried lotus root

The cauliflower was deliciously tender. More and more I have been enjoying cooked cauliflower served as a side salad with meat. The two discs of sliced cherry tomato added a splash of colour to the otherwise dull-looking cauliflower (I love cauliflower, but it is a rather bland-looking vegetable after all).

Cauliflower salad

We both enjoyed our main courses immensely, swapping tastes. I must admit, while I was very generous in sharing my chicken and cauliflower, I was a little more selfish with my precious lotus root chips. :P

After our main course dishes were cleared, it was time to order dessert! Jac was keen to try the sweet potato cakes served with ice cream (AU$10). The sweet potato cakes were battered and deep-fried, served fresh and hot with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with syrup. The sweet potato cakes had been made with glutinous rice flour (edit: they were mochi-style rice cakes) so they had a delicious chewy texture beneath their crispy golden exterior. I love the combination of freshly-deep-fried-hot and cold.

Sweet potato cakes with ice cream and cream

We also ordered the dessert special – house-made creme caramel (AU$4). Our waiter told us that the creme caramel is very soft and is served in its container, rather than turned out onto the plate. That sounded just fine to me!

Creme caramel

The sweet potato cake was a pleasure to eat for its crisp exterior and chewy interior; the creme caramel was a perfect complement, with no biting or chewing necessary! It was gorgeously soft and wobbly. Jac said it tasted just like eating cream! I was glad it was a small serve – it was extremely rich. We finished every scrap of this luxuriously creamy custard.

Creme caramel

Dinner at Toraya Sushi was great! We sat at one of the outside tables and I thought maybe we’d get forgotten but was pleasantly surprised – the service from the smiley staff was attentive and efficient. We’ll definitely return. We used our Entertainment Book discount and got 25% off the bill. I just wish I still worked in Subiaco so I could eat lunch there a few times a week!

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Toraya Sushi
Shop 8 Subiaco Square
29 Station St Subiaco WA
Telephone: (08) 9382 4433

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