Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon

This was the plan: Jac would get up early on Saturday morning and go to work for an hour or so. I’d stay in bed and keep sleeping. When Jac got home, she would cook breakfast and we would eat together. A fine plan, I thought. :)

I’m usually terrible at sleeping in on weekends or days off, but on this particular day I was exhausted from the week – I didn’t even notice when Jac got out of bed, showered and went out. I barely noticed when she got back home. She didn’t wake me – she just started cooking. I woke up when as soon as I smelled the bacon frying. In fact, the bacon smell woke both Pixel and me up – she’d stayed in bed with me the whole time and had been snuggled up on my legs sleeping but the smell of bacon woke both of us up. Billy Lee was already up and hanging out with Jac. :)

When I reached the kitchen I practically squealed* with delight because THIS was what I saw!

A stack of pancakes

Jac was very proud that she’d piled the pancakes in a tower, thinking it would make a good photo for the blog. :D

So this was my breakfast – pancakes and bacon drizzled with maple syrup. I’ll just let the next few pictures do the talking.

Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon

Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon

Close-up of bacon

When I was down to my last pancake, I cut it into six pieces, then cut my bacon into six pieces that I placed on top of each piece of pancake, then drizzled a little more maple syrup on top. Six mouthfuls of yum.

My last pancake divided into six bites with six pieces of bacon

I can look at the pile of pancakes for a long, long time. There were pancakes left over for more deliciousness later. :D

A stack of pancakes

What’s your idea of the perfect way to wake up on a weekend?

* The last time I remember writing about food making me squeal was: Hard-boiled egg makes woman squeal (Wednesday bento)

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