Sizzler – sliders, pork ribs and salad bar

We’ve been seeing these ads on TV about Sizzler’s new slider burgers. You get two in a serve at lunch time, four at dinner time. I love burgers and I love little foods, so naturally the idea of mini burgers is very appealing to me. As it so happened on a recent Wednesday evening as we sat thinking about what to have for dinner, Jac said she was in the mood for pork ribs. It seemed the perfect opportunity to go to Sizzler so we could have a good big feed – she could have ribs and I could try the sliders. (For an explanation of the origin of the slider, see this post from A Hamburger Today, Oi, Yank! What’s a Slider?)

The last time we ate dinner at Sizzler, we decided the next time we ate at Sizzler, one person would order a main course (which we’d share) and the other person would order salad bar only. So much for that plan! Jac ordered the pork ribs (AU$30.95), which included salad bar. To get sliders you have to order the salad bar option (AU$21.95) and then add $5.95 for the sliders – so that’s what I did.

It took a little longer than usual for our complimentary cheesy bread to arrive, but I waited for the cheesy bread to arrive. It’s a ritual for me – when I go to Sizzler I must start my meal with cheesy bread. Jac, however, went straight to the salad bar and grabbed herself some salad to start.

Sizzler cheesy bread

Jac got caesar salad and prawn salad from her first trip to the salad bar. I couldn’t resist – I helped her eat the salad. :)

Sizzler salads

On her second trip, she grabbed more salad, broccoli, peas and a hot potato dish labeled “potato pie”.

Salads and vegetables from the Sizzler salad bar

The potato pie is a kind of potato bake. It would’ve been nice if the potatoes had been cooked a bit more – they were kind of hard.

Potato pie

The three soups on offer that night were Thai chicken, which smelled like green curry, minestrone and pumpkin soup. We shared a bowl of pumpkin soup. The soup was nice, but it didn’t really taste like pumpkin! It tasted more like vegetable stock, or a light chicken stock.

Pumpkin soup

From my trip to the salad bar – pasta bolognese, tuna pasta salad, rice salad, corn chips with a mushy taco sauce that appeared to be refried beans with corn in it, and a couple of crispy golden potato cones.

My plate of Sizzler salad bar goodies

So, what about the sliders?

The plate of four mini burgers looked fantastic. They’d been made with what looked like dinner rolls and surprisingly thick burger patties that combined to make them tall little burgers. They were held together with extra-long toothpicks and looked more substantial than I had imagined they’d be – I didn’t think I’d be able to get through them all! There were two different varieties of burger on the plate (two of each type of slider). Right away I noticed the dark red stains from beetroot! Oh no! Regular readers will know I am not a fan of beetroot!

Sliders at Sizzler

Although they were thick patties, they didn’t taste all that meaty. I thought they were yummy but more filler than pure meat. One of the two slider varieties consisted of burger pattie, Swiss cheese, salad leaves (Jac thought the sliders could’ve used a lot more salad) and beetroot relish. I tried the beetroot relish and found it to be nicer than the usual big slice of beetroot you get in some burgers. I’m still not a beetroot convert, though. After that initial taste, I wiped most of the beetroot relish off the burger before eating it. :P

Slider with beetroot relish

The other variety of slider consisted of burger pattie, salad leaves and a nice big bit of grilled bacon. Nothing like a nice bit of grill-marked juicy bacon overhang. :P

Slider with bacon

If Jac hadn’t had the craving for pork ribs, I reckon we could’ve each ordered salad bar plus one serve of sliders to share and been perfectly content – there’s plenty of stuff to eat at the salad bar. :)

Jac’s BBQ honey pork ribs were pretty good. She had a choice of chips, mashed potato or a baked potato on the side – she ordered them with chips. The ribs were quite meaty and very saucy – and we were pleased to see the extra container of sauce on the plate. The ribs were saucy enough on their own (very messy, Jac quickly developed a serious case of sauce-face :P), but I really enjoyed dipping chips in the extra sauce. Jac thought the ribs were delicious and soon reduced them to a pile of sucked-dry bones. BBQ honey pork ribs

Jac’s chips were crispy and golden. I ate more of them than Jac did!


I had one round of dessert – hot mushy bread and butter pudding, which I really like, light and fluffy chocolate mousse, and a cube of wobbly green jelly. I love green flavoured jellies and lollies. At work, my boss has a lolly jar that the team raids throughout the week, and most of my workmates leave the green lollies (green jelly beans, green snakes, green gummy lollies). Do you like green flavoured lollies? I love green, but avoid black lollies because they’re usually liquorice (I don’t like liquorice at all).

Bread and butter pudding, chocolate mousse and green jelly

Jac’s first round of dessert included chocolate mousse, hot apple crumble and custard. I had a spoonful of custard and apple crumble too, of course. :)

Chocolate mousse, custard and apple crumble

For her second round, she had tiramisu and a chunk of fresh pineapple.

Creamy chocolate dessert, fresh pineapple

We really enjoyed our dinner. It’s probably a good thing we don’t eat at Sizzler more regularly, because whenever we have, we’ve eaten a lot. :)

Lolly colours/flavours: what do you love/loathe?
My favourite colours are green and purple. I like yellow if it’s lemon, don’t mind yellow if it’s pineapple, absolutely detest yellow if it’s banana (I love real banana, can’t stand banana flavoured lollies). My least favourite lolly colours are black and red. I like cola and citrus flavours most of all. Cola jelly would be yummy.

Beetroot: love it or hate it? (Or perhaps “meh”?)
It’s definitely beetroot hate for me!

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