Portraits of donuts

I’m still hoping Krispy Kreme will open a store in Perth (see my post from last year Krispy Kreme coming to Perth soon?). In the meantime, we make do with other donut shops. Jac bought a six-pack from Donut King recently.

Six Donut King donuts

A strawberry iced donut, simple but yummy. Sometimes strawberry flavour can taste medicinal, but this was nice.

Strawberry iced donut

A rhubarb and apple crumble donut – which Jac has eaten before (see Thursday night junk food for an innards shot).

Rhubarb and apple crumble donut

There was a chocolate marbled iced donut…

Choc marbled iced donut

…and its cousin, the white chocolate marbled iced donut. Quite interestingly, the icing on this donut melted the most during the journey home in the car. The icing on the other donuts hardly melted at all.

White choc marbled iced donut

The cookies and cream donut was topped with icing and chocolate cookie crumbs. The sweet creamy filling in this donut was wonderful!

Cookies and cream donut

And of course, the classic chocolate iced donut.

Chocolate iced donut

Ah, sweet donut memories…

When I was in primary school in Malaysia (8 or 9 years old – we moved to Australia when I was 10) I used to buy a freshly deep-fried finger-burningly hot plump donut from the canteen – crispy and golden on the outside, rolled in white sugar, no cinnamon, with a warm, soft, pillowy inside. I would end up with a sugary, greasy face from eating it, but oh, it was so good. And only 20 cents back in those days!

As an adult I used to prefer a hot fresh cinnamon donut to these iced ones, but as I’ve gotten older my taste has shifted over to iced and filled donuts. I definitely prefer chewy donuts to cakey ones. And I love original glazed Krispy Kremes.

What’s your favourite or ideal donut?

We didn’t eat all of these donuts ourselves, and what we did eat we ate over a couple of days. If only donuts weren’t so bad for me, I’d eat one every second day. Same with cake, I love cake with lots of icing and cream. And chocolate eclairs, vanilla slice and custard horns. I love a good custard horn. You’d see me around Perth, camera in one hand, donut or custard horn in the other. :P

Sadly (and this is purely glutton’s perspective), I eat nowhere as much of the bad sweet things as I’d like. Of course, from a sensible and healthy eating perspective, I know it’s good I don’t indulge as much as I’d like (no lectures, please – they’re tiresome).

I have a more savoury tooth than sweet tooth, so I find it easier to avoid eating the bad sweet things. But I really enjoy the bad sweet things when I eat them.

But yes, I would eat more of everything that is bad – savoury and sweet, but especially donuts – if I wouldn’t end up the size of a house and with health problems.

And if you think this post has been all sugary and unhealthy, get a load of thisiswhyyourefat.com (or should that be truckload?). It seems my donuts aren’t even a whisper on the unhealthy eating scale! (There’s apparently a thriving scale for indulgent calorie-laden eating that knows no bounds. It’s called: “OMG are you serious?!” :))

About portraits of donuts

I’ve noticed that whenever we buy donuts and I take photos of them they are like portraits of the donuts. I guess “portraits of donuts” are just a specific kind of food porn. :)

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Note: I usually write “doughnuts” rather than “donut” but since Donut King spells it as “donut”, I’ve used the “donut” spelling throughout this post.

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