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I’ve eaten breakfast at Shots Espresso Bar in Perth a number of times with friends before work. I like the food there, my coffee loving friends love the coffee, and Shots opens nice and early so we can meet up any time after 7am and have plenty of time to fit in a good catch up and delicious breakfast before work. This time, workmate J and I made plans to meet up with our friend L who used to work with us. I hadn’t been to Shots for almost exactly a year and was eager to see what was new on the menu.

L ordered the fruit toast with ricotta, strawberries and maple syrup (AU$10). Shortly after she placed her order, a waiter came to our table to tell her: “Very sorry, but we are out of ricotta. Would you like something else instead, cream cheese, perhaps?” L was a little disappointed – she loves ricotta and had been looking forward to it – she asked for some plain yoghurt instead.

Fruit toast with strawberries and yoghurt

L buttered her fruit toast, then poured the maple syrup right on top of the toast. After spreading the maple syrup over the fruit toast with her knife, L proceeded to arrange her strawberries on top of the toast. It looked pretty good to me.

Pouring the maple syrup onto the fruit toast

Workmate J ordered eggs Benedict (AU$13). She added plenty of black pepper to her eggs before I took the photo. We all liked the look of the big slices of ham and the eggs smothered in thick hollandaise sauce.

Eggs Benedict

The egg yolks were good and gooey. Workmate J quite enjoyed this dish.

Gooey egg yolk

An omelette…or not?

I ordered the omelette with ham, mushrooms, leeks, tomato and cheese (AU12). When my dish arrived, I was surprised to see my “omelette” in a baking dish.

Omelette - not really an omelette

I pushed back the fresh rocket leaves to get a better look at my not-an-omelette. To me, this definitely wasn’t an omelette, but it smelled delicious.

Not an omelette, but yummy

My dish was not at all what I’d expected. I know there are different styles of “omelette”, but in this context (breakfast in a Perth cafe) I suppose I was expecting a more French-style omelette, eggs served folded over on the plate, certainly not served in a baking dish. Perhaps this should have been called a fritatta, or oven-baked eggs. Actually, they tasted like scrambled eggs – delicious, deluxe scrambled eggs with extra yummy goodies! Beneath the soft eggs studded with sweet cubes of fresh baked tomato were sliced leeks and chunky-cut ham and mushrooms. There was a lot of juice at the bottom of the dish, tasty mushroom juice with a hint of ham. :) I used the spoon that came with my tea to drink up the mushroom juice (my dish wasn’t served with a spoon). It was a pretty filling breakfast dish (and a pretty breakfast dish that was also filling!). The large slices of toast that came with my dish were quite thinly cut and crispy and tasted great with butter. I like thick-cut toast, but once in a while, crispy thin toast just hits the spot – the toast complemented the soft eggs perfectly.

Chunks of ham and mushroom inside

We enjoyed our breakfast at Shots. L was disappointed there was no ricotta, but she enjoyed her fruit toast. I was a little disappointed as I’d ordered my dish because I wanted to eat an omelette – as discussed above, the dish I received was not what I’d expected, but thankfully, it was a really tasty egg dish and I enjoyed it. Workmate J had the least to say about her food – she was too busy eating her way through her hollandaise-drenched eggs, ham and toast.

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Shots Espresso Bar
528 Hay Street
Perth WA 6000
Telephone: (08) 9221 1112‎

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