Dinner – turkey breast steaks, watermelon salad and coleslaw

A delicious dinner cooked by Jac: panfried turkey breast steaks served with two salads, coleslaw, and watermelon, white onion and mint salad.

Turkey breast steaks and two salads

Regular readers will know that when it comes to chicken and turkey I prefer dark meat (thigh, drumstick) to white meat (breast) – but these turkey breast steaks were surprisingly succulent and tender. Jac seasoned them with garlic salt and black pepper before pan-frying them to a delicious golden-brown on the outside, still juicy on the inside. I enjoyed them very much.

Turkey breast steaks

Jac made a basic coleslaw and topped it with chopped fresh green beans. The beans were a simple addition but made the coleslaw even more crunchy and pleasurable to eat. Unfortunately, we ran out of coleslaw dressing, so the coleslaw wasn’t as heavy on dressing as we normally like it.

Coleslaw with chopped green beans

The watermelon, mint and white onion salad is very easy to prepare. It’s made up of chopped fresh seedless watermelon into cubes, thinly sliced white onion (I mean really thinly sliced!) and finely chopped fresh mint, no dressing necessary. It may sound like a strange combination that would never work, but it’s really refreshing and delicious! I went back for seconds of both salads and even had a third helping of the watermelon salad. :)

Watermelon and white onion salad

TFP reader Rhonda first suggested the watermelon and white onion combo to me in a comment at one of my bento posts – Friday bento – sandwiches back in 2008. I’d never heard of it before. As it turned out, when I mentioned this to Jac, she said: “Oh yes, I love that combination! My mum’s family has been making watermelon and white onion salad for years!” :D Presumably it’s not an unusual combination for some of you guys!

Jac is always on the look-out for interesting salads to try, so feel free to tell me about your favourite unusual but yummy salads!

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