Dinner – Japanese curry with chicken and vegetables

Jac has cooked Japanese chicken curry at home before (see the previous post – Dinner – Japanese chicken curry) . We use S&B Golden Curry mix, which comes in Mild, Medium or Hot. The first time, we used Medium Golden Curry. This time we gave the Mild a go. We buy our Golden Curry from Asian supermarkets or Woolworths. In the box, the instant curry roux comes in blocks, looking kind of like large stock cubes. It is so easy to cook – don’t worry, there are English instructions on the side of the box (Jac and I can’t read Japanese! :P).

Golden curry

When I get takeaway Japanese curry for lunch on work days, it’s usually fish katsu or chicken katsu chopped into chunks and drowned in curry sauce, with potatoes and carrots, served over rice. When Jac cooks Japanese curry at home, she uses skinless boneless chicken thigh pieces. It’s just as yummy, and perhaps a little more healthy, since the chicken hasn’t been deep-fried.

This time, with the usual chicken thigh pieces, potato and carrot, Jac used green beans as well. Initially, she was going to serve the curry and rice with a side of blanched green beans (regular readers will know Jac is always keen to feed me more vegetables, especially green vegetables!). I love green beans, so there’s no need to disguise them, hide them or convince me to include them in a dish! I suggested she just throw the beans into the curry towards the end of the cooking process – so they’d be cooked but still quite firm, not too soft. They turned out just perfect. I think when we make Japanese curry at home from now on, we’ll have to include green beans. :D Japanese curry with chicken and vegetables

The Mild curry was not hot at all, but it had just as much flavour as the Medium. I prefer the Medium for sure (still pretty mild as far as curries go!), but next time, we’ll try the Hot so we can compare all three. I have a feeling Hot won’t be that hot, but I’m sure it will taste as good. :P

It’s such a hearty, comforting, delicious hot meal in a bowl. I just love that thick, flavoursome curry gravy. I eat my curry and rice with a spoon. It makes me feel happy.

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