Toast, East Perth

This review is unusual because it includes not one, but two visits within the space of a week! Yes – I like this place that much!

The first visit

I met my friend Chad at Toast for an early breakfast before work. We’d both heard great things about the place and were keen to experience it for ourselves.

We met at 7am on a frosty morning – much too cold to sit outside. The interior of the cafe is small and feels kind of cluttered, but it’s definitely cosy and inviting, with a warm, friendly comfy retro feel about it. We were greeted cheerily by the same staff member took our order at the counter, made our drinks and worked the floor. When she was busy at another table and our our food was ready, the chef/cook brought it out from the kitchen to us with a smile.

Toast - interior

Chad ordered savoury crepes filled with bacon, roasted tomato and tasty cheddar cheese (AU$14.90). Two crepes had been folded into rather tempting-looking parcels topped with more melted cheese.

Bacon, roasted tomato and tasty cheddar cheese crepe

The crepes were filled generously with chunks of sweet tomato, bacon pieces and melted cheddar cheese. Chad really enjoyed them.

Bacon, roasted tomato and tasty cheddar cheese crepe - innards

I’d chosen my dish the day before after reading Toast’s menu online – regular readers, you won’t be at all surprised when I tell you what it was: corn fritters with bacon and maple syrup (AU$15.90). You can order the dish with fried, poached or scrambled eggs too (AU$2 per egg). I almost ordered scrambled eggs but didn’t want to end up with too large a meal. My first thought when I saw the bacon was “thank goodness I skipped the eggs”. My second thought was “Phwoar, shiny, maple syrupy bacon!”

Corn fritters with bacon and maple syrup

The corn fritters were freshly grilled and full of corn kernels that popped pleasingly under my teeth. I just love the salty-sweet combination of bacon and maple syrup. If it wasn’t so bad for me, I would eat bacon and maple syrup every week.

Corn fritter close-up - nice and corny!

My English breakfast tea (AU$4) was served in an interesting tea set that wasn’t actually a tea set. This, of course fitted in perfectly with the feel of Toast. :)

English breakfast tea with soy milk - interesting plate design

Chad and I had a lovely breakfast and were both very impressed with Toast. Our food was fresh and delicious, the service friendly and fast. And I really liked the retro decor and comfy feel of the place – the bright colours, general clutter, the non-matching crockery.

The second visit

I told Jac all about Toast when I got home. Whatever I said must have made quite an impression on Jac, because exactly a week later, she drove us to Toast for a breakfast date before work.

We started with ice-cold glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice (AU$5.50). I wish they could bottle orange juice that tasted more like freshly squeezed – even the best bottled 100% orange juice tastes nowhere as good as freshly squeezed. And I love it when someone else does all the work squeezing/juicing the oranges. :P

Freshly squeezed orange juice

I’d thought Jac would struggle to choose between the three dishes involving poached eggs and hollandaise: the eggs Benedict (toasted English muffin, ham, poached eggs and hollandaise AU$15.90), eggs florentine (toasted english muffin with spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise AU $14.90) and eggs Norwegian (toasted english muffin with smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise AU$16.90 – actually, I thought she’d choose the Norwegian for sure! My friend Charlene, the Norwegian is totally you too!), but she surprised me by choosing something different.

Jac chose the open rye sandwich with smoked salmon, tomato salsa, avocado, capers and a poached egg (AU$15.90). It was a very “Jac” dish – a sandwich/salad hybrid that featured some of her favourite foods (smoked salmon, rye bread, avocado, capers).

Open rye sandwich with smoked salmon and poached egg

When Jac sank her knife into the poached egg, I practically jumped out of my chair at the sight of the bright orange gooey yolk oozing out. Somewhat embarrassingly, I’m not exaggerating! Of course I had to photograph it!

Perfectly poached egg

The tomato salsa was very bruschetta-esque, with finely chopped red onion and herbs. Jac said she’d eat that dish again for sure.

On my first visit to Toast, I had taken note of another dish that sounded delightful – caramelised banana crepes (AU$12.90). Well, it sounded delightful, but I ordered my crepes with a side of bacon (AU$5), which upgraded them to awesome! When the plate was placed before me, the smell of caramelised banana and brown sugar intermingled with fried bacon was just heavenly. As our waiter (the same person as the week before) served my crepes and bacon, she said “We assumed you wanted to eat it all together, so the chef just put the bacon on top – hope that’s all right?” to which I answered: “Thank you – it’s perfect!”

Caramelised banana crepes with bacon

While some sugar had melted into brown caramel on the crepes, there were super sweet crunchy piles of sugar that I rather enjoyed. It was all very decadent, really.

Brown sugar on the crepes

Like the week before, I was thrilled to receive a hefty serve of bacon, a perfect balance of lean and fat bacon. Oh bacon, why must you be so lusciously, temptingly delicious and unhealthy?

Bacon close-up

The photo below depicts a typical scenario at meal time – Jac is attacking her food and has already started to dismantle the chef’s careful plating of her meal, while my food stays untouched as I photograph it from multiple angles. :)

Breakfast date!

Toast is a great little cafe located next to the Royal pub on the water side of Claisebrook Cove.

Toast’s menu consists of breakfast fare, sandwiches and salads, available all day. You can choose a fairly simple breakfast (porridge, muesli, fruit and yoghurt), sweet or savoury crepes, croissants (the one filled with scrambled egg, Swiss cheese and dijon mustard sounds fantastic!), 14 different kinds of toast, some of the breads you can order with all kinds of toppings – not just your usual butter and jam, but Nutella, or avocado and Vegemite, or tinned sardines, various breakfast fry-ups, French toast… I love an extensive all-day breakfast menu!

Toast - exterior

Claisebrook Cove is a lovely spot in East Perth. It would be gorgeous sitting in the sunshine on the weekend, eating bacon… :)

Clearly, Toast has some faithful regulars – both times I was there, the same man was too – he worked on a laptop computer the whole time and his phone kept ringing. East Perth/Claisebrook Cove residents dropped in to grab takeaway coffees after picking up a copy of the newspaper. I felt quite envious – I’d love to live in an apartment or townhouse in Claisebrook Cove. Below is what you’d be gazing at, sitting at one of Toast’s outside tables. Chad and I have seen dolphins in the water at Claisebrook Cove – really!

Claisebrook Cove view

Map of Toast, East Perth - click for larger map
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Shop 21 / 60 Royal St
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone: (08) 9221 0771
Open 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week (kitchen closes at 5pm)
Public holidays open 8am to 6pm
They don’t take bookings – just come on in!

Shop 21 at 60 Royal Street used to be Ristorante Noi, where I had lunch once with my workmates back in 2008. Read the post: Lunch at Noi – good food spoiled by bad service – I guess it’s not surprising that Noi is noi more!

Check out another breakfast at Toast, with my friend Charlene.

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Other breakfasts with Chad

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