Bangers and mash (with extra bits)

We had bangers and mash for dinner recently. I’ve mentioned before that when Jac cooks bangers and mash it’s always more than sausages and mashed potato.

The bangers were plump pork sausages, served with fried onions and mushrooms, the last of Juji’s homegrown portabello mushrooms. We had garlic mashed potato and steamed green beans, zucchini and peas. We also had creamed corn, left over from the tin we’d opened for breakfast.

Pork sausages, mushrooms, onions, mashed potato, steamed green, creamed corn

It was lovely coming home to this after a long day at work. As I sank my fork into the springy juicy sausages and enjoyed the creamy corn and mashed potatoes, I told Jac all about my day, and she told me all about hers. And as we ate and talked, a greedy little black cat did her best to look cute, fervently hoping we’d give her a bite of sausage.

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What’s your favourite way to serve bangers and mash?

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