Yellow curry and rice, yellow curry soup

Chicken and vegetable yellow curry with rice

Jac cooked yellow curry chicken and vegetables (made using yellow curry paste), which we ate with rice. Curry and rice make one of my favourite comfort meals. I’ve raved on before about my love for bowl and spoon meals – this was yet another!

Yellow curry and rice

Yellow curry soup with salad and garlic bread

A couple of nights later, we had yellow curry again, in the form of soup. Jac added extra chicken stock to the curry to make a chunky chicken and vegetable yellow curry soup.


She made garlic bread to eat with the soup. I love garlic bread served in foil, fresh out of the oven. I like pulling the hot garlic bread apart with my fingertips and feeling and smelling that hot, garlicky steam.

Garlic bread

I love her garlic bread – it’s always buttery and loaded with lots of chopped fresh garlic. See Jac’s garlic bread recipe with variations: baguette, hamburger bun and Turkish bread.

Garlic bread close-up

She also made us a little bowl of salad each – she dressed tomato, mushrooms, cucumber and sweet gherkin pickles in a little vinegar and mixed it all with freshly chopped parsley.


It was a simple meal – soup, bread and salad – delicious! Sharp-eyed readers may spot the “icky soup skin” in the picture below. That’s what happens when you’re too busy taking photos to just sit and eat your dinner!

Soup, garlic bread and salad

I’m very excited – I’ve been waiting 6 weeks+ for my built-to-order office/study furniture to be ready and it’s all being delivered tomorrow afternoon. And this weekend is a long weekend! That means time to rest, more time to eat and more time to blog.

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