Coffee Club, Cannington

We ate brunch at the Coffee Club at Carousel Shopping Centre recently. The Coffee Club is a franchise chain in Australia and New Zealand that serves coffee, cake/sweets and light meals.

Jac was in the mood for a bacon and egg sandwich, so she ordered the gourmet bacon and egg Turkish roll (AU$12) – bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese and barbecue sauce in toasted Turkish bread. The egg was overcooked but Jac enjoyed the sandwich. The bacon hanging out of the sandwich in this photo reminds me of the tongue sandwiches Patty and Selma served to Bart and Lisa in an early Simpsons episode (anyone else remember that? It’s the episode called Homer Alone, where Marge goes to stay at Rancho Relaxo).

Gourmet bacon and egg Turkish roll

I ordered the turkey and bacon club sandwich (AU$16), a triple decker sandwich with turkey breast, crispy fried bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion and cheese on toasted white bread, served with a “garnish salad”.

Turkey and bacon club sandwich

The garnish salad consisted of a handful of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion and curls of carrot and beetroot, all drizzled with a light tangy vinaigrette. It all tasted fresh and crisp but I remarked to Jac how much the flavour of fresh beetroot reminds me of dirt. “An earthy flavour?” she suggested. “Nope, just plain old dirt!” I said. :)

Salad garnish

My club sandwich was delicious. The bread was toasted perfectly – crisp on the outside but still chewy and soft in the middle. I hate being served hard toasted bread because I always cut my palate on it as soon as I bite into it. Hard toasted and hard baked breads are dangerous, dangerous I tell you! If I had a complaint about the sandwich it was that there was more bacon than turkey in it, making bacon the dominant flavour overall. That’s not a terrible thing by any means, but I’d have enjoyed 50-50 turkey and bacon.

Turkey and bacon club sandwich

I’d eat at the Coffee Club again for sure. Next time I want to try the “lifestyle chicken fillet burger”.

The Coffee Club
Shop K105, Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre
1382 Albany Highway, Cannington
Telephone: (08) 9351 8966
Coffee Club store locator

Thoughts about foods that repeat on you

As we ate our sandwiches (I tried Jac’s sandwich and she tried mine), we noted the presence of red onion in both sandwiches. Raw red or white onion can taste good in a sandwich or salad. But I’m not so fond of the aftertaste that won’t go away even if I brush my teeth, chew parsley or minty gum, or eat peppermints. And the onion burps – enough said! We refer to foods/flavours like that as foods that “repeat on you.” For example, Jac likes sour cream and chive potato crisps but I don’t because they always repeat on me – incidentally, that’s why I like boring original flavour potato crisps best. I’m not necessarily talking about foods that smell bad – more that they come back to haunt you after you’ve eaten them! If you’re not from Australia, do you use that phrase or do you have a different way to describe foods with flavours that linger?

What are your favourite foods that repeat on you? :P

Let me start with a few of our favourites:

  • Indomie mi goreng (we are big Indomie fans, but in our household we refer to Indomie affectionately as “stinky noodles” or simply “stinkies”)
  • Jac’s favourite potato crisp flavours – barbecue, sour cream and chive, and cheese and onion (there’s a fancy version of this she likes – “vintage cheddar and red onion”, very tasty but oh so much repeating afterwards! :))
  • Pizza
  • And I’ve mentioned before, Jac always orders her burgers from Hungry Jack’s with heavy lettuce and onion. I find the standard amount of onion in a Whopper provides more than enough “repetition” afterwards, but Jac just loves her onions. :)

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