We bought a takeaway pack of pork and vegetable dumplings from Mi Shanghai, the dim sum stand at the Carousel Shopping Centre food court. When we got home, Jac waited patiently while I took the dumplings out of their takeaway plastic container, placed them on a plate, poured soy sauce into a dipping bowl and took a few photos. Sorry Jac, thanks for your patience!

Pork and vegetable dumplings takeaway from Mi Shanghai, Carousel Shopping Centre

Most of you guys already know that Jac calls me to meals by asking: “Got your camera?” When I’ve taken my photographs, I always say: “OK, I’m done – go for it!”

As soon as I saw the dumplings, the first word that popped into my head was CHEWY. And they were chewy on the outside, wonderfully, satisfyingly chewy! They were quite oily and definitely not the best dumplings I’ve ever eaten but they were pretty tasty – plump little juicy bites dipped in soy sauce, with meaty filling on the inside. The best part about them was definitely that chewy texture. What’s your idea of a perfect dumpling?

Pork and vegetable dumplings close-up

The other thing I really liked about the dumplings was that they looked handmade – they were not identical and didn’t even “stand up” on the plate in exactly the same way. I think it made the photographs more interesting. I certainly appreciate and admire the skill it takes to create food items that appear practically identical, but there are times when slight irregularities are much more appealing and reassuring than perfection. What do you think?

In the coming posts, I plan to show you more than just food photos taken with the new camera (though of course there will be plenty of those, including more food shots taken in different lighting conditions) – there will also be photos of people, scenery and the cats!

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