Family photos using the Lumix G2 camera

Usually at family events I spend most of the time taking photographs. But not just of the food, as most of you would expect – I take lots of photographs of people too. For privacy reasons, the family photographs are only visible to family and friends on my Flickr account, though I have featured the odd one or two photos of my nieces Ruby and Zoe here at the blog (with their parents’ permission, of course).

I wanted to show you some people pictures taken with the Lumix G2 camera, so here are several pictures from a recent family breakfast. A post featuring the food is coming up soon.

I took the camera along to breakfast with the Lumix 20mm pancake lens attached. I carried/wore the camera via the neck strap so I’d be ready for any photo opportunities and used the Intelligent Auto mode. I must admit one thing I am still getting used to is the lens cap. Already there have been many times I have switched on the camera, peered through the viewfinder into an eyeful of blackness and then laughed at myself for forgetting to remove the lens cap!

Here are Ruby and Zoe, sitting at the table waiting patiently for breakfast. There was a flurry of activity going on so the girls had a lot to look at. There were tantalising smells in the air as Jac fried eggs and my brother-in-law M fried bacon and sausages on the barbecue. When I took this photograph, the girls were looking to see who else had just arrived.

Ruby and Zoe wait for breakfast... who else has arrived?

Here’s the girls’ dad, my younger brother Mark, with Zoe.

Mark and Zoe

Ruby and Zoe each have a favourite soft toy that they insist on carrying everywhere. Ruby has Murray the monkey and Zoe has Milly the tiger. You may have noticed Zoe holding onto Milly in the previous two photographs, and if you look closely at the first photo, you’ll see one of Murray’s feet, close to Ruby. In the photo below, Ruby had placed Murray on her head like a hat and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Zoe was eager to join in, so she put her drink bottle down on the chair and Milly became a hat too. Did you have a favourite soft toy, pillow or blanket when you were little that you were inseparable from? I had a wiry-haired teddy bear with glassy eyes and a hard black nose – I called him “Bear-bear”. I also had a little brown pillow sewn by my grandma I called “Pupu”. Sadly, neither Bear-bear or Pupu are still around.

Ruby, Mark and Zoe in When Murray and Milly became hats

Here’s Ruby on her tricycle, Murray in the tray at the back. There were a few too many obstacles strewn around my parent’s patio for a smooth ride, but Ruby was quite content mostly just sitting on the tricycle. In the background is the barbecue where the sausages and bacon were cooked, and one of the pans Jac fried the eggs in.

Ruby on her tricycle

After food, the majority of the photographs I take at family events (my family, Jac’s family) are usually of the children. Let’s face it, kids are much more photogenic than most adults! And if any kids are playing with Lego, you’ll usually find me with them, playing too.

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