East Perth, morning and night

I took this photo at Claisebrook Cove, East Perth using the Lumix G2 at around 7:20am. In a stroke of luck, the bird perched at the dock turned its head at just the right moment to give me a nice shot of its silhouette against the shiny lake. I was waiting to have breakfast (that post coming up soon) with my friend Charlene (she who now gleefully calls me “photo geek” – she is a photo geek herself, so I take it as a compliment. :))

A bird at Claisebrook Cove

Earlier on as I walked towards Claisebrook Cove I’d taken a photo of these tree branches and leaves against the early morning sky.

Branches and leaves

I’m most chuffed with the next two photos. Claisebrook Cove at 7:20am, before breakfast…

Claisebrook Cove at 7:20am

…and at 8:30pm that night, after dinner. It’s not EXACTLY the same view – I hadn’t intended to come back to take the night shot, but that very same evening Jac took me out to dinner in East Perth after work. Since I was back there, it seemed a good idea for some photo geekery. :D

Claisebrook Cove at 8:30pm

My posts about breakfast with Charlene and dinner with Jac :

I hope I’ve shown you, through this and the previous half dozen or so posts, why I love the new camera so much – and how great it is for taking all kinds of different shots. Don’t forget you can win a Panasonic Lumix G2 camera (Australian readers only).

But next: back to food posts!

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