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We had brunch recently at the Miss Maud Pastry House at Carousel Shopping Centre in Cannington. Jac ordered at the front counter while I found us a seat at one of the booths at the back. There are lots of pastries and cakes on display to choose from but we prefer to order the hot dishes, sandwiches or salads from the cafe menu. It was busy but our drinks and food didn’t take long to arrive. We each ordered a sunrise (AU$4.85), which consists of orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade and “a touch of magic sunrise”, which I presume is raspberry cordial or grenadine. It’s a sweet, refreshing combination and probably our favourite drink to order when we go to Miss Maud. The sunrise drink reminds me of a drink we used to make for kids when I worked in hospitality – lemonade with a dash of grenadine to make a bright red fizzy drink we called a fire engine.

2 x sunrise

Jac ordered the smoked salmon Turkish bread sandwich (AU$13.95). The bread is lightly grilled and in the sandwich is smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese, red onion, mixed salad greens, tomato and Miss Maud dill mustard dressing.

Smoked salmon turkish bread sandwich

With her sandwich, Jac chose the Swedish beetroot salad on the side.

Swedish beetroot salad on the side

I chose the chicken and bacon burger ($AU13.55) – a toasted bread roll with chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce and Miss Maud special mayonnaise. On the side was a tomato wedge, a couple of snow pea sprouts and one of my least favourite salad garnishes – grated carrot. I don’t know anyone who likes grated carrot. Tell me if you do! :P

Chicken and bacon burger

The burger was pretty small but it was delicious! When I was a girl I thought food served with a toothpick flag was the epitome of fancy food. :)

Chicken and bacon burger close-up

Sometimes when we’re at the shops it’s nice to eat in a cafe such as this rather than the food court. Miss Maud gets pretty busy, of course, but you do get to escape temporarily from the bigger, noisier, busier food court crowd and the shopping trolleys.

Small map of Miss Maud Pastry House, Carousel. Click for larger map
Click for larger map

Miss Maud
We dined at Miss Maud Pastry House Carousel
Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre, Cannington
I love their takeaway sausage rolls and pies, especially the chicken and vegetable pie, and the snack beef pie (slightly smaller than a full-sized one).
Phone: (08) 9458 8894
Opening hours
Mon, Tues Wed and Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm
Thurs 8.30am – 9.00pm
Sat 8.30am – 5.00pm
Website: www.missmaud.com.au

Miss Maud Pastry House locations

Miss Maud is famous for her Smorgasbord restaurant – I haven’t been for years. I think the last time was a big breakfast smorgasbord with my sister Juji before I began my PhD – late 2003 or so!

Miss Maud is also famous around here for her coffee bean poll. In the three or so weeks leading up to the election, customers at Miss Maud’s 18 outlets around Perth were invited to drop a coffee bean into the special beakers representing the major parties to indicate who they’d be voting for.
The 2010 Federal Election Miss Maud coffee bean poll results are in.

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