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By popular demand, here’s more food from City Farm Cafe. It’s all been takeaway as I haven’t had the time to dine in. City Farm Cafe’s definitely become one of my favourite lunching places in East Perth. Between freshly baked muffins and organic coffee in the morning and takeaway at lunch time, staff are used to seeing my workmates and me more than once a day!

One lunch time I grabbed myself a takeaway soup and something delicious and greasy in a brown paper bag. City Farm Cafe serves wholesome food but it’s definitely not all about mungbeans and sprouts! :D

Takeaway cup of soup...and what's in the brown bag?

It was a homemade sausage roll! I enjoyed every bite and left a huge mess of pastry crumbs on the table.

Sausage roll from City Farm

I’ve mentioned before that I like the muffins because they’re not overly sweet. This was an apple and cinnamon muffin, which had a delicious crusty top.

Apple and cinnamon muffin

I’ve also bought a black forest muffin, complete with rich dark chocolate chunks and cherries.

Black forest muffin

Black forest muffin innards

The organic chicken roll is one of my favourite lunches: crusty seeded roll studded with rolled oats, poppy seeds and linseeds, filled with sliced organic chicken, avocado, carrot, tomato, , sundried tomatoes, cheese and mixed salad greens. This one had a generous spreading of pesto as well as mayonnaise.

Organic chicken roll

I like these rolls so much I’ve been eating them more than once a week.

Organic chicken roll

The organic chicken focaccia is great too – a crispy toasted focaccia filled with organic chicken, spinach, tomato, red onion and pesto.

Chicken focaccia

If you like the sound of the toasted continental focaccia, with salami, ham, spinach, tomato, olives and beetroot relish, make sure you grab one if you see them available – they don’t appear as often as the organic chicken ones. I must admit I didn’t realise there was beetroot in this focaccia when I bought it. I’m still not a fan of beetroot and the relish made the focaccia very sweet – but I enjoyed the focaccia (I was surprised!). I’ll stick with the chicken and pesto ones.

Toasted continental focaccia

I always find it hard to resist a pie. A homemade, handmade pie, no less!

Every day at City Farm Cafe there’s a soup of the day and a pie of the day. The pie of the day (AU$9.50) is served with garden salad with a tangy lemon dressing. This was a lamb and rosemary pie.


The lamb mince was well seasoned and very tasty!

Lamb and rosemary pie innards

When I read on the board that the pie of the day was “chicken and vegetable pie with a sweet potato top” I knew I had to try it. The pie was filled with chicken chunks, potato, carrot and corn and a creamy gravy and topped with soft sweet potato.

Chicken and vegetable pie with a sweet potato top

And just yesterday I had a beef and mushroom pie. The beef was chunky rather than minced, but very soft and tender. It smelled wonderful and tasted great. I wonder what the pie will be today? ;) You know what else City Farm Cafe has done? It’s got me eating raw celery! I like cooked celery and I like celery salt, but I used to really dislike raw celery. Since eating the garden salad that comes with the pie of the day, which includes chunks of raw celery, I’ve become more tolerant of it. I don’t love raw celery and I don’t think I can even say I like it, but if it’s there I’ll eat it rather than push it aside or give it away. The lemony dressing and greedy mouthfuls of pie do make it yummier. :)

Beef and mushroom pie

The daily specials include rolls, wraps, salads, vegetable patties and lasagna. I still haven’t tried the lasagna but it looks really good.

City Farm held their official grand opening last weekend – I posted the details on Facebook and Twitter. I couldn’t make it to the event, unfortunately. Perth readers – did any of you guys go?

City Farm cafe

Read my previous City Farm Cafe post, which includes some background info on City Farm.

City Farm Cafe
City Farm
1 City Farm Place, East Perth
Monday – Friday 7am – 2pm
Saturday 8am – 1pm
Telephone: (08) 9325 7230

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