Dinner – Lenny pops, potato bake and leeks

Jac was at the shops, looking for some dinner inspiration. She happened to walk past Lenards chicken shop, saw these things called “Lenny pops”, crumbed chicken on sticks, and knew straight away that I would like them. If it resembles kids’ food or fair food, it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll like it!

Lenny pops, potato bake and leeks

Jac served the Lenny pops with a creamy potato bake and baked leeks. She cooked everything in the oven. In general I’ve enjoyed Lenards’ chicken products but have sometimes found them on the salty side (and I say that as a person who likes her food well salted) – but this was a delicious and fun meal. I really enjoyed dipping, rolling and slathering the Lenny pops in the potato bake gravy, and they were good with tomato sauce too. Food really is much more fun on a stick!

And speaking of fair food, we won’t be able to go to the Canning Show this year because we’ll be in Canberra. Can any of you guys suggest where we should eat in Canberra?

Note: this is not a sponsored post. :)

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