Food hall lunch – curry and nachos

This was a recent meal from the food court at Carousel Shopping Centre. First, we shared a small curry combination from Maya Masala: green bean curry, butter chicken and lamb rogan josh.

Curry combination from Maya Masala

I love butter chicken gravy – when it’s very good, it’s drinkable, and I can eat rice soaked in butter chicken gravy without any chicken and still think it’s wonderful (well, to be honest, I could just drink a bowl of butter chicken gravy like soup!). I enjoyed this butter chicken, which was, even better – all thigh meat! I had to stop myself from being greedy and eating more than my share. :) The lamb curry was pretty good too. Quite often I’ve eaten lamb curries that have great flavour but the lamb clearly hasn’t been cooked long enough – this was surprisingly tender. In the green bean curry there were sweet soft onions as well as lots of beans – delicious! I’ll have it again for sure.

Still hungry, we shared a serve of nachos from the Spud Bar. The Spud Bar sells stuffed potatoes, salads and soups but I like their nachos best. Some of you may have spotted that the beans looked suspiciously like tinned baked beans. I didn’t really care though, because smothered in spicy tomato sauce, melted cheese, a blob of sour cream, a big handful of chopped spring onion, fresh guacamole and sliced jalapeno chilli, all piled on top of crispy warm corn chips – the nachos tasted great! Those of you who eat real Mexican food probably shake your head in horror at these nachos! Well, we did get them from the stuffed potato stand after all! :P


When I was younger I would be squeamish about sharing mushy food with other people. For example, I wouldn’t share nachos with anyone because by the time you get halfway through them, they tend to be all mushy and soggy and everything gets mixed together and kind of gross-looking. I wouldn’t share a bowl of ice cream with anyone else either, for the same reason. Even today I’m reluctant share nachos or ice cream with anyone… but I make an exception when it’s my sweetheart. :)

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