Ruby’s 3rd birthday brunch party

We celebrated my niece Ruby’s 3rd birthday recently with brunch with family and friends at my brother and sister-in-law’s home. If you think I’ve been talking about birthdays a lot lately, that’s because in my family it’s birthday season from August to October and a couple of Jac’s family members have their birthdays from August to October too.

Jac put on her apron and got to work cooking sausages and bacon on the barbecue. I tended to her refreshment needs, keeping her supplied with orange juice while she cooked.

Sausages and bacon cooking on the barbecue

I realised recently I talk about bacon a lot. Not just a lot, but A LOT. I reckon if there was a tally done of the topics I’ve tweeted about, bacon would be number one.


The sausages were 3/4 sized ones, not stubby little chipolatas but shorter than standard snags.


Jac also fried the eggs on the barbie.

Eggs frying on the barbecue

As usual, there were a few cooked over easy for those who prefer their eggs that way (not pictured).

Fried eggs cooked on the barbecue

Fried eggs close-up

My mum arrived with a basket of scones with whipped cream and strawberry jam.

Scones (made by Mum), whipped cream and jam

Mum made the scones herself. They smelled buttery and looked wonderful. I couldn’t wait to have one with lashings of cream and jam. If my mum turns up with a basket like Little Red Riding Hood, I can certainly have lashings of cream and jam like an Enid Blyton character! :D

Scones (made by Mum)

Ruby and Zoe’s other grandma made pikelets with sultanas in them. I think I love these as much as the girls. They’re good with butter and/or syrup or just on their own. They’re extremely moreish – we ate many of these between us!

Pikelets with sultanas in them (yum!)

Ange washed and sliced up fresh fruit – strawberries, apple, pear, pineapple and blood oranges – and assembled this lovely fruit platter.

Fruit platter

These were some of the reddest strawberries I’ve seen in a long time.

Strawberries close-up

Juji cooked lovely soft scrambled eggs…

Scrambled eggs

My brother cooked pancakes. He makes pancakes breakfast every Sunday morning.

Pancakes (crepe-style)

My brother uses a pancake recipe from

I got myself a plate with fried and scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pikelet, pancake with maple syrup and some fresh fruit.

My plate

Of course, pepper on my fried egg.

Fried egg

Jac spread some cream and jam on a scone for me. She spreads the jam on much thicker than I would. I’m not complaining – I feel very spoilt to have someone spread cream and jam on a scone for me (while I’m running around taking photos)! :) In general, Jac likes her spreads nice and thick – she always spreads Vegemite super thickly on her toast. My mum doesn’t like margarine or spreadable butters – she’ll eat her butter straight from the fridge, just slicing it to eat with fresh bread. If I spread butter or jam on my bread/scone or mayo/mustard on a sandwich I don’t necessarily need to spread it on thickly, but I always make sure to spread it evenly right up to the edges and corners. I can’t stand eating toast or a sandwich that’s got all the spread in the middle with nothing up to the edges or in the corners. Are you particular about how your spreads are applied on toast/sandwiches/scones?

Scone with jam and cream

We don’t eat scones with jam and cream very often, so it’s a real treat, especially with Mum’s homemade scones. When we were kids in Malaysia, once in a while on a weekend, Mum would bake a batch of scones for afternoon tea and my sisters and I would eat them hot out of the oven slathered with plenty of butter and strawberry jam.

Scone with jam and cream

While the grown-ups ate, Ruby and Zoe enjoyed their brunch sitting at their own little table. Shortly after I took this photo, more friends with little girls arrived, and they all sat at the little table together.

Zoe and Ruby eat their brunch

One of Mark and Ange’s friends brought her coffee machine over and played barista, making coffees and hot chocolates to order for whoever wanted one. To go with the coffee, there were sugar cubes. I love popping a sugar cube into a hot drink and watching it get sucked up.

Sugar cubes

There was a bowl of marshmallows, pink and white.


After they’d eaten their brunch, Ange brought out a tray of babycinos (warm foamy milk sprinkled with chocolate) and marshmallows for all the little girls.

Babycinos and marshmallows

Marshmallows and milk moustaches all around!

Zoe and Ruby enjoy babycinos

After a short play break, it was time for birthday cake! Regular readers may think the teddy bear birthday cake seems familiar. That’s because Ruby had a teddy bear cake for her 2nd birthday too (see previous post The 62nd birthday party). When Ange asked Ruby what kind of cake she’d like for her 3rd birthday she said she wanted a teddy bear again!

Ruby's teddy bear birthday cake

She was so excited! She asked her mum: “Can I eat his bow tie?” After we all sang happy birthday, Ange cut up the cake and distributed the Smarties from the bow tie and number 3 between all the little girls. After she’d eaten all her Smarties, Ruby whispered to her mum: “Can I eat his eyes?” And she held on to that pink marshmallow the whole time she ate her cake.

Ruby's excited about her teddy bear birthday cake!

The cake was delicious! I love butter cake and chocolate butter cream icing! So does Zoe. She always has a great time at family get-togethers and parties. She was singing happily to herself as I took this photo.

Zoe likes the chocolate birthday cake

Ruby took her time eating her cake. Long after the table had been cleared, she was still sitting there, fully focused on the slow demolition of her cake.

Ruby concentrates on eating her birthday cake

After brunch, babycinos and birthday cake, it was time to take a drive, beep beep! :)

Zoe in the car

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