Cats and holidays

One more day of work, and then I’m on holidays for three weeks. I have a lot of catching up to do at home – Christmas shopping, tidying my study, backing up my files then installing Windows 7 (finally!) on my laptop computer, and working through a huge backlog of photographs and writing the corresponding posts. Jac will be on holidays a week later. The cats will be thrilled – they love it when we’re home because they can hang out with us all day. A few of the TFP cat fans have been asking about the cats – this post is for you!

Here’s Pixel sitting outside on the patio. We place different blankets and rugs on the outdoor furniture, which makes them new and interesting all over again to the cats. This soft red blanket was very appealing to Pixel and no sooner had Jac laid it on the chair, Pixel jumped up onto it.



Some of you may have seen this photo on Facebook. Pixel was completely absorbed in a documentary about bears that was on TV. She sat like this for ages, mesmerised.

Pixel watches a documentary about bears

Pixel also likes to sit in bookshelves and she likes to be close to me when I’m in the study, so Jac placed a little mat for her in my book shelf.

Pixel in the bookshelf

If I’m in the study for hours (which I usually am, working on the blog), so is Pixel. It’s nice having a little friend purring close by, happy to receive pats and kisses.

Pixel in the bookshelf

In the kitchen, Pixel tells me she wants “whatever you’re having”. In this case I was making a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich. As soon as she hears the rustle of paper when you’re unwrapping cold meats, she comes running.

Pixel wants whatever 'm having

Lately I’ve been finding Billy Lee asleep on her back on the floor. If I step too close she opens an eye and growl-meows a warning. But she doesn’t mind it if I rub her tummy (not for too long though!)

Billy Lee sleeps on her back

Billy Lee’s current favourite indoor spot is the footstool in the living room. As you can see in the photo below, she’s sitting on more blankets. :) Some days, she really doesn’t want to be photographed and gives me the unmistakable look of cat disapproval. I’m the cat owners among you know that look very well.

Billy Lee doesn't want to be photographed

Billy Lee’s favourite outdoor spot at the moment is on our canvas folding chairs on the patio. On sunny weekends, it’s her favourite spot to relax. She sits there for hours.

Billy Lee

As Billy Lee gets older, she’s getting more white specks of fur on her face, above her eye.

Billy Lee

For comparison, see this photo below, taken in 2005:

Billy Lee, 2005

I hope some/most of you guys will get a break over the festive season. Boy, do I feel like I need this break! I’m not just limping to get to the finish line this year, I’m crawling.

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