Room service dinner, Hyatt Hotel Canberra

I crashed out for a few hours following afternoon tea. Despite my appetite, I still had a sore throat, blocked head and runny nose and was much lower on energy than I normally would be. When I woke up, it was dark outside and well past dinner time. Our tummies were rumbling again but I didn’t fancy going out, so we ordered room service dinner. Jac told me to choose whatever I wanted from the menu – whatever I felt like eating, we’d share it.

I chose pretty good “sick Chinese people food”: noodle soup and fish with ginger:

  • Wonton noodle soup with chicken and vegetable (AU$17.00)
  • Baked whole baby snapper with ginger, green onion and soy, served with rice (AU$37.00)

Jac insisted on ordering a seasonal mixed salad (AU$10.50) – regular readers will think “of course!” Jac always has to have vegetables! :D We each ordered a fruit juice – tomato for Jac, orange for me.

But we also had to…yes, really – HAD TO, were compelled to, simply could not resist – we ordered the duck fat fried potato wedges with sour cream (AU$10.50)! Oh yes! We were on holiday, after all! >:D

I perked up considerably in anticipation of this meal. Noodle soup, baked fish with rice and duck fat potato wedges. I couldn’t wait!

When the food arrived, it was even better than I had imagined!

Room service dinner is delivered!

The clear noodle broth was flavoursome and comforting, with silky-skinned housemade wontons, bok choy and tender chicken breast pieces.

Wonton noodle soup with chicken and vegetable

The snapper was lovely. I served Jac silver service style like they do in a Chinese restaurant, lifting the moist, tender white flesh from the bones and spooning sauce, ginger and spring onions over the top.

Baked whole baby snapper with ginger, green onion and soy, served with rice

The fish was served with a dish of spicy chilli paste and light soy sauce.

Chilli and soy sauce

I acknowledge that room service food is often overpriced. On this occasion I thought that for the deliciousness and quality of the food, and for our comfort and the convenience, the cost was totally worth it. Except for the seasonal mixed salad – it was the only dish I felt wasn’t really worth its price – $10.50 for a bowl of boring old salad: cucumber, grape tomatoes, mixed greens and onion with a little vinaigrette. Still, it went very well with everything else we ordered.

Seasonal mixed salad

Those duck fat fried potato wedges… Oh. My. God. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that these were the best potato wedges I have ever eaten. They were served piping hot and were awesomely perfect – crispy, savoury and golden on the outside, fluffy on the inside, delicious and utterly indulgently moreish. Even just breathing in their salty aroma was heavenly. They came with a dish of sour cream and a dish of sweet chilli sauce for dipping. I preferred the richness, tang and coldness of the sour cream with the hot potato wedges. Sour cream is great for cooling fingertips burnt by hot potato!

Duck fat fried potato wedges with sour cream

Imagine a meal of the best potato wedges ever followed by the best ice cream ever! Even better – the best potato wedges ever DIPPED into the best ice cream ever – the McDonald’s fries dipped into sundae effect. Mmm. :D

Sometimes, room service is the perfect option. We really enjoyed this meal. It was one of the nicest meals we ate on this trip! A cup of tea and a bit of telly afterwards ended a most pleasant evening.

Canberra trip, November 2010

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