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Shortly after new year’s day, towards the end of my holidays, we stayed three nights in Albany*, a coastal town in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, approximately 400 km south-east of Perth (4.5 hours drive by car, or just over an hour by plane).

It was too early to check in at our motel when we arrived, so we took a walk around the town centre. This was my first time in Albany so I was keen to have a look around and check out the local shops and eateries. We walked up and down the main drag and looked for somewhere to eat breakfast.

We originally went to York St Cafe but when we placed our order we were told their usual chef wasn’t working and a number of breakfast dishes weren’t available, including the ones we had chosen. Nothing else on the menu really appealed, so we decided to go somewhere else. We went instead to Cosi’s Cafe, where there appeared to be a decent-sized crowd.

We ordered at the counter inside and grabbed a table outside. Our order arrived quite quickly and it looked great!

Jac ordered an omelette with ham, mushroom and cheese (AU$16.50 for any three fillings out of ham, mushroom, tomato and cheese; smoked salmon is $2.50 extra). I wasn’t so impressed with the uneven buttering job on the toast, but the omelette was silky soft and delicious.

Omelette with mushroom, tomato and chees

Omelette with mushroom, tomato and cheese

I chose the item listed on the menu as Cosi’s most popular: the BLT, with bacon, lettuce and tomato with Cosi’s special mayo on toasted Turkish bread, piled high, skewered with toothpicks and served with fries.

BLT with fries

BLT with fries

The sandwich didn’t just taste good, it felt good to eat, holding that hefty sandwich in my hands and biting through the layers of bread, salty bacon, crisp lettuce and juicy tomato, wiping the smears of mayo from my face after every delicious bite. The mayo was made with wholegrain mustard, tangy and very tasty. The fries were fresh and super crispy.

BLT innards

BLT innards…mmm, bacony

Jac’s iced coffee came in a tall glass with whipped cream piped on top. It was very milky and weak but cold and refreshing.

A very weak iced coffee

A very weak iced coffee

It’s good spot to sit and relax, eat tasty food and watch the world (well, Albany) go by.

Cosi's Cafe main dining area

Cosi’s Cafe main dining area

Cosi’s Cafe
145 York St
Albany WA 6330
Telephone: (08) 9841 7899

Open 7 days
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 8am-4pm
Sunday 8.30am-3pm

Map of Cosi's Cafe, Albany - click for larger map
Click for larger map

After walking around some more, we got thirsty – so we dropped by Tonic Juice Bar and Cafe and each ordered a dapple, made from freshly blended apple, pineapple and mint.

Dapple (apple, pineapple & fresh mint)

Dapple, made with apple, pineapple and fresh mint, Tonic Juice Bar & Cafe

If you’re ever in Tonic for the first time, facing the counter, wondering what to order, turn around and look at the wall behind you, above the entrance for a badly placed list of drinks. Our dapples were great – fruity and refreshing.

Tonic Juice Bar & Cafe
2/218 York St (opposite the Town Hall)
Albany WA 6332
Telephone: (08) 9841 8033

More Albany posts to come

We ate some wonderful food and had a great time in Albany. There’s more on the way!

We pronounce it “Al-bany” not “All-bany”.

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