Dip, pie and cake at family afternoon tea

Remember this fine fellow?

Holy Smoke smoked trout

Smoked trout by Holy Smoke in Pemberton, Western Australia

For family afternoon tea, Jac and I have made a dip using the Holy Smoke smoked trout that came in my Urban Locavore box.

We haven’t followed a specific recipe. First, I skinned and flaked the trout, carefully removing all the bones. We mix the trout meat with sour cream, a little horseradish cream, a touch of mayonnaise, finely chopped fresh spring onion, black pepper and salt (not much, as the trout is already salted). We taste as we go and stop when we think it’s just right. We garnish the dip with more spring onion.

If you google “smoked trout dip” you’ll find a range of recipes that use similar ingredients. Some recipes are cream cheese-based rather than sour cream-based. It’s just a matter of which you prefer.

Smoked trout dip and bread

Smoked trout dip and bread

We serve the dip with fresh crusty bread and pickled gherkins.

Smoked trout dip, pickled gherkins and bread

Smoked trout dip, pickled gherkins and bread

The creamy dip and crunchy sour pickles go really well together. The family approves!

Smoked trout dip and gherkin on fresh bread

Smoked trout dip and gherkin on fresh bread

My mum has baked meat pies. There’s one per person including each of the kids, with one or two extra. Sorry, no recipe to share – it came from high school home economics class and isn’t mine/ours to publish. Once again, there are lots of recipes for “Aussie meat pies” if you do a google search.

Mum's meat pies

Mum’s meat pies

Each pie is a perfect size for one, the flaky pastry marked with delicious knots and bumps.

Meat pie

Meat pie

Meat pie - innards

Meat pie – innards

The pies are irresistible! Careful, girls – they’re hot! It’s very funny to watch Zoe blowing on her pie for barely a second before taking each bite.

The kids tuck into afternoon tea

My nieces and nephew tuck into afternoon tea – L-R Zoe, Caleb, Ruby

“Do you like Ma-Ma’s meat pies, Zoe?”

Zoe and her Daddy enjoying Ma-Ma's pies

Zoe and her Daddy enjoying Ma-Ma’s pies

We also enjoy cherries, crackers and cheese (not pictured).

After the savoury goodies, a sweet treat – my sister Juji’s baked passionfruit curd cheesecake.

Passionfruit cheesecake

Passionfruit cheesecake

Caleb’s really getting into these family get-togethers! So many new and delicious foods to discover, taste… and SQUELCH!

Caleb at afternoon tea

Note: this afternoon tea took place before our Chinese New Year family lunch but I chose to bring that post forward so it would be published during the Chinese New Year period. Zoe’s (different) hairstyle in the CNY post may have given it away for some of you.

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