Mushroom Mania 2013: V Burger Bar, East Victoria Park

We’ve wanted to return to V Burger Bar for ages and Mushroom Mania provided the perfect excuse. We had a late dinner there on Saturday night.

We started with the crumbed mushrooms (AU$8), served with blue cheese dipping sauce. You could smell the mushroom through the crunchy coating. These babies are dangerous: fresh from the fryer, molten hot and irresistible. Yes, you guessed right: I burned my tongue on my first mushroom.

Crumbed mushrooms with blue cheese sauce (AU$8) Crumbed mushrooms with blue cheese sauce (AU$8). This would make an excellent beer snack. out, the mushrooms are super hot! The dip helps cool things down a little.

The Blue Mushy burger came with a thick wodge of blue cheese, a juicy beef pattie and lots of grilled mushrooms. I’m a blue cheese fan but with every whiff and chew blanketed with socky blue cheese, I could barely taste the beef or mushrooms, which was a shame. We were impressed though; it can’t be easy to slice blue cheese without it crumbling to a stinky rubble.

Blue Mushy - beef, blue cheese, mushrooms, salad and aioli Blue Mushy (AU$15) – prime beef, blue cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, aioli and relish.

We’ve ordered the Guacaloumi before. It would be highly unusual for me to ignore all meat options to order a vegetarian burger, but this is a pretty decent burger. The big slab of grilled haloumi squeaked with every bite (what a contrast to the tiny piece of haloumi in my burger last year at Secret Garden Cafe). The layers of mushrooms and guacamole were equally generous. It’s also one for onion lovers – the sliced red onion tucked under the haloumi and the chopped onions in the guacamole definitely left their mark.

Guacaloumi - haloumi cheese, guacamole, mushrooms, salad, aioli Guacaloumi (AU$13) – grilled haloumi cheese, guacamole, mushrooms, mixed gourmet lettuce, onion and aioli.

As soon as you’ve extracted the skewer and taken your first bite, the truth is revealed: these are sloppy, messy burgers that drip and squirt and smear and collapse. You’ll chase the salad all over your plate… or the table, if you’re Jac. The disintegration happens even faster if you cut your burger in half, misguidedly thinking that’ll make it easier to eat. Blue “Mushy” is right. And watch out for the oozing goo-acamole. I asked for and was given extra napkins but still left feeling like I needed to take a shower.

We enjoyed ourselves though. The generosity and freshness of the burgers are what brings us back to V. I’m not always in the mood for an exploding burger but sometimes, with the right company and with nowhere else to be, it’s exactly what I feel like.

The V Burger Bar conversation went something like this:
“Sweetheart, you’ve got sauce on your face. No… the other side. A bit higher. Lower. Here, just gimme the napkin.”
“Oh… I just dropped mushrooms on my lap!”
“Aw, now I’ve got guacamole on my shirt.”

DSC_0211V Burger Bar – dining area

V Burger Bar - exterior V Burger Bar – exterior

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V Burger bar
12/910 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park WA 6101
Telephone: (08) 9355 3702

There’s a V Burger Bar coupon in the 2013/14 Entertainment Book for 25% off the total bill.

Gluten-free buns are available for AU$1.50 extra.

Open 365 days a year unless prior notification given.
Monday 5-9.30pm
Tuesday to Thursday 11.30am to 9.30pm
Friday to Saturday 11.30am to late
Sunday 11.30am to 9.30pm

They’ve got a second store at Floreat Forum open daily 11am to 9pm.

TFP and Jac dined at V Burger Bar with compliments of the Australian Mushroom Growers Association as part of Mushroom Mania month. All opinions expressed are our own.

About Mushroom Mania, July 2013

  • Mushroom Mania is a month-long celebration of mushrooms led by the Australian Mushroom Growers Association.
    • Join in the fun! From 1 to 31 July 2013, order a mushroom dish when you dine out, take a photo of it and share it on Instagram, Twitter or via email for a chance to win one of 40 x $100 restaurant vouchers. Visit the Mushroom Mania page for the competition details.
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    • I’m one of 14 bloggers across Australia who’ll be eating and blogging about mushroom dishes throughout the month.

    My three Mushroom Mania posts for 2013 were:

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