Short stories: The Lamb Van

The Lamb Van is the source of another of my once-a-year treats at the Perth Royal Show. There are 9 lamb items to choose from on the menu, but my shortlist is always between three: a hot lamb roll, a lamb shank with chips and gravy, or this, a roast lamb dinner with shaved roast lamb, sweet onions, gravy and chips.

With every bite, the lamb roll threatens to spill its contents. The lamb shank comes on the bone like a snack out of the Flintstones – meat on the bone is inherently messy to eat out of a takeaway box, and I go to the Show with one of the messiest eaters I know! But the roast lamb dinner – just lean in close, grab the fork and dig in. Whichever I choose from year to year, it’s good tasty tucker that never fails to put a smile on my face.

Lamb Van fans, what do you choose?

Someone asked me where The Lamb Van is this year – I wasn’t really paying attention, but from memory it’s at the Woodchop Arena end (the back) of the Show, in a group of three food stands – The Lamb Van is opposite kebabs and fish and chips, with a fuschia shade-cloth and wooden benches in between. There’s a stall selling leather goods nearby on the kebab stand side. If anyone reading this can help with better info about The Lamb Van’s location, please feel free to leave a comment.

The Perth Royal Show 2013 is on from 28 September to 5 October. Stay tuned for more Royal Show-themed short stories this week, next one tomorrow. See the Royal Show short stories:

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