Creepy Hollow Cafe, Beaufort River

Whether you’re heading to the coast or towards the forests, every road trip down south should include rest stops. You can always find somewhere to grab a feed and loo break along the way, but there are interesting places to check out if you’re after something other than a generic roadhouse. I’ve blogged about the home of the emu pie – The Crooked Carrot Cafe on Forrest Highway, discovered on a Bunker Bay getaway. On the drive down to Denmark, we’ve stopped in Kojonup town to grab bread and pastries from the fantastic bakery. On our most recent drive back to Perth from Denmark, we made a stop at the Creepy Hollow Cafe.

The Creepy Hollow is a Halloween-themed cafe with ‘markets’ selling secondhand goods and all kinds of Halloween knick-knacks. It’s more tacky than creepy, but good fun; certainly not what you’d expect to find out here on Albany Highway between the country towns of Kojonup and Williams. Lurking at various points in the markets are (not really) sinister characters activated by motion sensor that screech, growl and moan at unsuspecting customers, adding to the B-grade horror movie atmosphere. Much of the bric-a-brac is over-priced, and be warned if you detest clutter. But if you’re planning a Halloween party or looking for stuff that glows in the dark, you may have stumbled upon Aladdin’s Cave.

Back in the cafe section, we shared hot chips and a Hamburger with The Lot, including bacon and a fried egg. It was decent fuel for the road; the hefty burger demanded big bites to do it justice, and the lightly toasted buttered bun could barely contain all the fillings.

I’m sure we’ll drop by again for another spooky pit stop.

Creepy Hollow Cafe
18495 Albany Hwy, Beaufort River WA 6394
There’s plenty of parking and the toilets (for Witches and Warlocks) are located next to the main cafe building.

We stopped at the Creepy Hollow Cafe after spending Christmas and New Year in Denmark, Western Australia (yes, this post has been published rather belatedly).
Denmark, Western Australia – Part 1
Denmark, Western Australia – Part 2







Burger with the Lot

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