What we’ve eaten recently – Part 1

Night Noodle Markets (again)

Somehow, I managed to convince crowd-averse Jac to come with me to the Night Noodle Markets. We went on Friday night. It was my third visit to the Night Noodle Markets this year; Jac’s first.

With long lines of people patiently waiting for the gates to open, it was noticeably busier than the previous Friday (see my full post on the Perth Night Noodle Markets 2016). We stayed for an hour and a half. I had hoped to get another slice of Sydney bakery Black Star Pastry’s amazing strawberry watermelon cake but should’ve gone there first like I did on my initial visit; after three rounds of savoury food from local vendors, the queue for cake was as imposing as Hoy Pinoy’s queue, and I wasn’t willing to get in line.

We started with Turban Chopsticks‘ potato ricotta kofta balls with butter curry and mini naan bread. This is the only vegetarian dish on their otherwise entirely vegan menu. The butter curry has a decent kick, and the naan bread is served toasty warm, crisp yet pillowy. We met the Turban Chopsticks’ crew member who’d been rolling the kofta balls every night to feed the masses – this is Turban Chopsticks’ most popular dish. “I love your balls!” I said. She laughed and kept on rolling.

Potato ricotta kofta balls with butter curry and mini naan breadTurban Chopsticks’ potato ricotta kofta balls with butter curry and mini naan bread (AU$14).

From Mr YummmO‘s stall, the deep-fried whole tilapia was served with a fresh tomato salsa. I paid an extra $1 for yellow rice but in hindsight should’ve saved the dollar. My fish in a bowl certainly drew interest as I fought my way through the crowd back to Jac. The fish came with a fork but fingers were more effective for picking out the meat. Eating this was hazardous, messy hard work – I didn’t choke on any bones but stabbed my fingers more than once as I plucked and crunched my way through everything crispy and edible.

Deep-fried tilapia with tomato salsaMr YummmO’s Deep-fried tilapia with tomato salsa ($12).

I waltzed right up to Dainty Dowager/Low Key Chow House and got served straight away. Their beef shoulder bang bang curry was fantastic. It wasn’t particularly spicy, but was packed with flavour and plenty of fall-apart beef. I’d love to be curled up in bed or on the couch with just a big bowl of this and a spoon – there would be no one would to judge me when I licked the bowl clean.

Beef shoulder Bang Bang curryFrom the Dainty Dowager/Low Key Chow House stall, beef shoulder bang bang curry (AU$15).

The Perth Night Noodle Markets were on at Elizabeth Quay from 30 March to 10 April 2016. Did you go?

Pizza night

My friend Prez and her hubby were over from Melbourne for Easter and we got together with our mates for pizza night at the start of the long weekend. We rolled out dough, added toppings and sliced up the hot pizza fresh out of the oven… lots of cheese, chatter and chuckles.









Fraser’s, Kings Park

We got together for a leisurely birthday lunch at Fraser’s restaurant with a group of Jac’s mates who have turned or are turning 50 this year. These guys have been friends since their teens, back when they didn’t need to put on glasses to read a restaurant menu!

It was a gloriously warm autumn afternoon, which we enjoyed from our table outside in the shade. Service was of a high standard once again, and just before dessert was served, the staff brought out brownies with birthday sparklers – one for each of the birthday girls and boy.

For me, the raw dishes – carpaccio and tuna tartare – were the stand-outs, just like they were for our anniversary lunch last year.

Fraser’s Restaurant
Fraser Ave, Kings Park, West Perth WA 6005

Red sangria mocktailMy red sangria mocktail ($15) – orange, mint, lime, apple and Voyager red sparkling grape juice

OystersThe oyster lovers at the table shared a dozen served on ice with lime, Tabasco and shallot vinegar ($3.90 per oyster).

CarpaccioJac and I shared two raw starters – first, the wagyu carpaccio ($23) with capers, myrtle, preserved lemon and pickled quail egg

Tuna tartareSecond, the tuna tartare ($28) with avocado, soy and sesame. This was incredibly delicious and after my first taste, I didn’t want to share. Next time, I will definitely get my own.

Steak Jac’s Kilcoy Scotch fillet steak ($47, 350 grams) with kipfler potato, caramelised onion and Bearnaise sauce

ChickenMy free range chicken breast, black bean and corn salsa, heirloom tomato ($45). I didn’t order the fish of the day because it came with romesco sauce, which I wasn’t in the mood for. I ordered the chicken instead, which arrived with the same romesco sauce (not mentioned on the menu) splashed all over the plate! Oh well – the salsa was tasty, the chicken browned beautifully, moist and tender.

Sago pudding Jac’s passion fruit tapioca pudding ($15) – citrus sorbet, stone fruit and pistachio

Blonde chocolate My blond chocolate ($15) – with dulce de leche ice cream, salted hazelnut and grilled pineapple.

Blackbird, East Perth

The last time I ate at this restaurant was well over five years ago and unusually, I don’t remember much about it – except that it was much too dark for photographs. Five years is a long time in a restaurant’s and a blog’s life.

In early April, I returned for lunch with work colleagues. We had pre-arranged lunch for $35 per person (drinks not included). Our meal was served as share plates and there was plenty to eat; we waddled contentedly back to the office.

Blackbird Restaurant
4/10 Eastbrook Terrace (next to Claisebrook Lake), East Perth WA 6004

Squid Seasoned squid with tartare and lemon.

Salad Salad with green leaves, cucumber, apple, candied walnuts and goat cheese – simple but delicious.

Rolls It was odd to be served sandwiches as ‘main course’ after the squid and salad, but these crusty baguettes with prosciutto, Swiss cheese, spinach and chutney were tasty. There was enough to have two servings each i.e. a whole baguette per person.

ChipsPlates of hot chips with aioli arrived, perplexingly, well after the sandwiches – were these a course on their own? A late side dish? Or an accompaniment for something else to come? Either way, we enjoyed them.

Doughnuts and tartsWarm doughnuts filled with gooey chocolate, and mini berry and custard tarts.

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