August Birthday Brunch Extravaganza

The birthday brunch was held today to celebrate the birthdays of my mum, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my younger sister’s boyfriend, all born in August.

Here are the sausages glistening in the oven. That leg reflected on the right side of the oven is my leg. The other legs belong to my younger sister’s boyfriend.

Sausages, glistening in the oven

The chipolatas were especially good, really moreish.

A dish of sausages

We had scrambled eggs…

Scrambled eggs






Fruit Platter 1

…and more fruit…

Fruit Platter 2

… and of course, birthday cake (that’s lemon icing).

The birthday cake

Here’s the cake, sliced…

A slice of birthday cake

…and choccies.

Darrel Lea chocolates

We also enjoyed toast (white, multi-grain and fruit), and lots of cups of tea and coffee. If you’re one of my “friends and family” on Flickr, you’ll be able to view the people photos too (including some very serious chocolate identification and the new family circus) at my Flickr site. Sorry, family prefer not to have their pictures publically featured on the internet.

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