Baked asian-style chicken on beans

For dinner tonight, Jac cooked “baked asian-style chicken on beans” from “Real Fast Food”, a feature in the latest issue of Delicious magazine (August 2005, p.147). The chicken was cooked in the oven wrapped in alfoil, and the beans were steamed. It was really tasty, and we’ll definitely cook it again. The recipe called for chicken breasts, but we used thighs. The marinade/sauce is made from soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil, all of which I love separately, but become even better when combined. Sesame oil is one of my favourite smells, but then when you eat ginger and onions cooked and soaked in sesame oil and soy sauce, mmmm… just perfect. And of course, I’m a big, big fan of stringless beans.

Baked asian-style chicken on beans

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