Most of my computer parts will (hopefully) arrive next week sometime. The CPU has been a pain in the arse to get – most places selling them are out of stock because these X2 3800+ dual cores are in such great demand. Although it’s annoying to have to wait, it makes me feel even more pleased that I’m going to have one myself. Best-case scenario for the CPU is next week, worst case is the week after (so I’ve been assured). Everything apart from the motherboard was bought online from two locally-based companies. The motherboard I’ve got to pay for and pick up from another shop in person on the weekend.

I think buying stuff on eBay (around 50 items since September 2003) has helped me learn to be patient. I’ve gotten used to waiting for payments to clear when paying for things by direct deposit, and the slowness of parcels sent via Australia Post (I’ve had stuff sent to me from England that’s arrived more quickly than stuff from Sydney! Go figure). Buying books from Amazon has also taught me to be patient – nothing arrives quickly from them. The first thing I bought from eBay was a Two Fat Ladies video. The whole transaction seemed to take aaaaaaages, from the time of payment until the video arrived in my PO Box. I went nuts with the waiting. Now, I’ve become much more relaxed about things – these days I check my PO Box just once a week, on Saturdays. If there’s something in there, great. If not, oh well.

With the computer parts though, once the stock arrives I’m expecting delivery to be quick – it’s all arriving via courier. I do have to seriously tidy up the study in readiness for the new arrival. My study and the desk where the new computer will sit are a mess – as Jac would say using one of her favourite phrases, “there’s shit from arsehole to breakfast time”.

Enough time-wasting lunch break. Back to work.

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