A quick lunch

On the days I work at home, I’m usually too lazy to cook lunch. The prepping of ingredients and the thought of the pile of dirty dishes afterwards just puts me right off. The most I’ll do is microwave leftovers or a tinned meal*. I think though, when my body is feeling deficient in vitamins or just I’m just craving home cooking, I get the urge to cook. So today, driven by such an urge, I cooked myself a simple lunch, of rice, stir-fried cos lettuce and fried SPAM. The lettuce I just washed and roughly tore up, then threw it in the wok with garlic (some diced, some chunky) and oyster sauce. The SPAM I just sliced and panfried, until the sides and edges were crispy, as that’s how I like it. Now, full and satisfied, all I have to do is try not to fall asleep. Yes, yes, I know, some of you smartypants are asking “So what vitamins are in SPAM?” Hahahaahaaa.

A quick lunch - stirfried cos lettuce, fried SPAM and rice

*And of course, sometimes there are no leftovers or tinned meals in the pantry. That can also result in a meal being cooked. Depends… are we out of bread? Baked Beans? Cereal? Frozen pies?

P. S. Jac won’t eat stir-fried lettuce – she finds it too stringy. She has a very low tolerance for stringiness in vegetables, whereas I don’t even notice, and just wolf it down.

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